Vaccines: Fellow Humans


One thing about FACTS, once you become aware of them there is no turning back.

Every Major Disease Outbreak Was Manufactured in the Biological Weapons Laboratories of the Western Powers

Phantom epidemics like SARS, Swine Flu, West Nile, Ebola, Zika haven’t stopped the march of science and propaganda that invented these scare-constructs in the first place. It stands to reason that back-end payoffs are the theme of such campaigns. READ more at

The world believed for almost a century that a new, virulent virus came out of nowhere worldwide and killed millions in 1918.  Two reports, one published in 2008 and the second in 2009, lay that myth to rest for good.  Aspirin is now the likely causative agent.

Safeguard the Unborn

No Blanket Immunity In Canada

If vaccines are safe why are vaccine manufacturers and those who administer them exempt from liability in the USA and other countries? Bill C-17 Vanessa’s Law was named after a Canadian parliament member’s daughter, who died of a heart attack while on a prescription drug that later was later taken of the market.

Vaccinations are NOT mandatory in Canada so no one can be forced to receive a vaccine because of the Canadian Constitution. However this does not prevent other forms of RFID administration.

Ten Facts About Vaccines

Plenty of Vaccines On The Way

Moulden – A Search for Life and Truth

Mandatory Vaccination

SB 277 signed into Law and is effective July 01, 2016

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Doreen Ann Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse