The Lawyer Who Became Dupont’s Worst Nightmare

If cancer is to afflict 1 in 2 men, 1 in 3 women in the US, and 1 out of every 2  diagnosed with cancer will die, you might want to read this.

If you use Teflon cookware I suggest you read the entire story

Please, share widely!

Doreen Ann Agostino
Non-negotiable autograph,
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We’re being fed a bunch of bullshit by the government and the media

Evidence trumps troll dis-information

Monday, 17 October 2016

Comment by smfresh82

I think it is extremely crucial that people grasp the severity of this issue and all the details involved. There’s some pieces of the puzzle that when connected even the most of blind sheep would see the sinister agenda of this vaccine insanity.

Now before I go any further I just want to state that I am not a doctor or claiming to be an expert in any field. I do however have 13 years experience as a paralegal working in firms specializing in medical malpractice, personal injury, insurance defense, healthcare administration. I’ve also worked for DOC & Anthem. I also wanted to mention that I think it’s time we start asking ourselves who we consider to be “professionals” and “experts” and why we just take their words for it. You do not need any college degree to read the numerous scientific studies on these things and realize we’re being fed a bunch of bullshit by the gov’t and the media.

I do believe that the career path I have been on allowed me to see things most of the public never will. I remember one of my first med mal cases I was doing research and came across the fact that congress passed a bill to eliminate liability for vaccine makers. They threatened to stop making vaccines if congress did not oblige. Using the excuse that if there were a sudden break out of something and they had to make a vaccine on the fly, they wouldn’t be able to do the proper testing before getting it out to the public. So vaccines are completely exempt from medical malpractice and product liability suits. That bill passed in 1986.

Now compare rates of disease pre-1986 until now. Now some will say the rise in autism is because they just detect it better now and since no one knew what it was back then that’s why the #’s are so low. That is a big ol pile of horse shit. It’s not only about autism. We have the sickest generation of children in ALL of the industrialized nations in the world. We have the largest # of babies who die on their first day of life (after vaccinations usually) than ALL of the industrialized nations in the world COMBINED. A lot of kids can’t take anything with peanuts to school in their lunch because too many kids are allergic to peanuts nowadays and peanut oil has been found in vaccines. So has ROUND UP CHEMICALS. Good ol’ Monsanto.

One thing that rarely gets brought up about vaccines is the fact that they never tell you that the so called “dormant viruses” they put in vaccines do not leave your body. There is a very good chance that at some point in your life that dormant virus will go LIVE. Even if your last vaccine was 30 years ago this can happen to you. They do NO Long term studies on these things. The CDC has admitted that the polio vaccine the baby boomer generation received as children contained SV40 which is cancer basically and that generation is dropping like flies of cancer. Right around or before the age they can collect social security too (timing a coincidence?) They admitted they do no long term research. They have been busted covering up blatant evidence. Since they kill, buy off or slander evidence/source they can tell the public, “We have no evidence of vaccines being harmful or causing autism.” Since they don’t have “evidence” of vaccines being harmful if someone dies after getting one, if they were not sick with any disease before, the cause of death will almost never list vaccines. So the #’s the CDC gives you are 10,000 times under reported. SIDS is basically vaccine damage.

There is this little secret vaccine court. Not really a court more like an administration hearing with no public record. If you complain enough about being vaccine damaged you can get compensated. HOWEVER…the money they use to compensate victims is TAXPAYER DOLLARS. Vaccine makers PAY NOTHING. They have a free pass to poison the hell out of people and get away with it. They are screwing Americans every which way possible I tell ya. The #’s in just the last couple years is in the billions. Our tax dollars hard at work.

There is NO difference between the CDC, FDA, USDA, Monsanto, Merck, Pfizer etc. THEY ALL WORK TOGETHER.

Vaccines have been a depopulation agenda from day one. I could give a shit if someone calls me a conspiracy theorist or delusional mental patient. At some point the evidence trumps the troll bullshit. I have spent thousands of hours researching things like these. Also when you network with people around the world and read everything you can about other countries and their statistic of disease of vax vs non vax it becomes very blatant America has been targeted the worst.

Due to good ol media propaganda and social engineering the safety of vaccines has become a topic of political correctness. Basically saying respect your friend’s views on vaccines no matter how wrong they are. The fact that vaccines have been lumped into this political correctness arena with other topics like religion and social/political views is very scary. So we are just supposed to shut the hell up and let our friends and family get poison injected into them that is going to forever alter their DNA and probably kill most of them? If your family was standing on a train track and you saw a train coming at them are you going to keep your mouth shut and let them die? That’s what’s going on here. IT IS INSANE. When you can no longer have an intelligent mature adult conversation without someone getting their feelings hurt or offended you brought up such a touchy issue, you know society is in the pooper. Political correctness and cognitive dissonance. Very bad combo!

I’ve pissed off numerous people discussing this including some friends and family. I do not care how angry they get at me. I know they will thank me later when the masses get enough blatant evidence put in their faces and there is no more doubt about what’s going on.


SOURCE with thanks

From Doreen
Vaccines are one of many ‘silent weapons’ being used in population control, along with GMO food, aspartame, fluorotoxicity, contamination from Fukushima, toxic chemicals discharged by aircraft on crops, water, humans, and non human food providers, wireless killing fields, etc.

Allow me to suggest that you contact a highly recommended naturopath/homeopath, and test to determine if the signaling function of specific genes in your body has been turned off, as they were in mine.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Non-negotiable autograph,
all rights reserved

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Flu Shot Promo For Children

Revolting deception disguised as “science” insidiously targeting small children to make them believe in the Flu shot as much as they do Santa Claus. (PBS) Implies parental consent is not required.

Avoid the “Well Baby Visits” – if your baby is healthy stay away from these murders who will fill your children with (safe and effective) poisons, make them chronically ill or cause their death and your pediatrician will have no idea of the cause. If your child dies at home, you will be treated like a criminal, it’s your fault because vaccines are safe and effective and your pediatrician will abandon you.  Autopsies will be inconclusive.

Health risks associated with the flu shot:
Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS)
Blood and Lymphatic System Disorders: Lymphadenopathy.
Cardiac Disorders: Tachycardia.
Ear and Labyrinth Disorders: Vertigo.
Eye Disorders: Conjunctivitis, eye irritation, eye pain, eye redness, eye swelling, eyelid swelling.
Gastrointestinal Disorders: Abdominal pain or discomfort, nausea, swelling of the mouth, throat, and/or tongue.
Food allergies

Absurdly long – 23 page product insert – copy and paste into browser.


Within hours after receiving 5 shots, Leah’s son, 2 year old son, Jacob, was killed by an adverse reaction to simultaneous administration of influenza vaccine, measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine, and the chicken pox / varicella vaccine.  Vaccine damaged child screaming in background at the end of interview.


School Teacher most children sick:


The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 vaccine manufacturers have NO LIABILITY!! No testing, vaccines made in China, no oversight by the FDA.

Read more

You’ll Only SEE what you look for! Start looking for Vaccine INJURY!
When you SEE it REPORT it!


Also see Doctors Make Huge Bonuses for Vaccinating Your Child – Big Pharma No Liability for Injury!

Doreen Ann Agostino
Non-negotiable autograph,
all rights reserved

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Why is aspartame still on the market: Addiction, profit and greed!

Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum.
Mission Possible World Health International
9270 River Club Parkway
Duluth, Georgia 30097
Telephone: 770-242-2599

Posted: 15 September 2016

We warn daily about aspartame being a chemical poison masquerading as an additive. During aspartame awareness month we recap some of the current issues about the toxin so the public will be educated on current studies and efforts to rid this planet of this heinous plague.

CURRENT NEWS: The National Law Review is saying aspartame could have a cancer warning under Prop 65. Since we have all the evidence anyone could want you realize this will be a fight between the facts and aspartame industry power. Here is more information and we need to get thousands of letters to the appropriate people during these next three weeks of the COMMENT TIME. You will see in this post the first petition to ban I sent in 2002.


As an example it triggers an irregular heart rhythm, interacts with all cardiac medication, damages the cardiac conduction system and causes sudden death. (Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic by H. J. Roberts, M.D.) Even athletes are dropping dead from this poison and Dr. Russell Blaylock, neurosurgeon wrote an Athlete Alert Scientific Peer Reviewed Research has shown aspartame can cause myocardial infarctions (heart attack) and even strokes. So how many people do you know with heart disease who may be using aspartame? According to the CDC heart disease is the number 1 killer followed by cancer.


Currently in the news is the question of Hillary Clinton’s health. She is an aspartame victim and here is the press release:

Why is aspartame still on the market? Addiction, profit and greed. If you’re not familiar with the history a new article goes into detail about the history of Rumsfeld’s Plague by the American Free Press:


First of all, Pepsi has always known aspartame was dangerous and through the National Soft Drink Assn, now American Beverage, they protested to the FDA about putting it in carbonated beverages: Just read how they even mentioned the adulteration law, and how G. D. Searle used the wrong test so it wouldn’t pick up the aspartic acid, an excitotoxin (“Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills“, by neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock). No new studies were done to convince them, yet after 33 pages of protest they turned around and lobbied for NutraSweet.

So Pepsi takes out aspartame confessing the health claims which they have known about from the beginning. Aspartame is extremely addictive because of the methyl ester which immediately becomes free methyl alcohol causing chronic methanol poison. This affects the dopamine level of the brain and causes the addiction. They add sucralose, another dangerous carcinogen with problems of its own. They could have used a safe organic sweetener made from organic food like “Just Like Sugar” but they didn’t want the expense of something safe. Dr. James Bowen said if you go from aspartame to Splenda you will maintain the reactions of aspartame and pick up those of Splenda because of the chemical hypersensitization.

Dr. Russell Blaylock at a lecture said understand the reactions to aspartame are not allergic but toxic like arsenic and cyanide.

If you have two drug pushers selling a drug with heroin and one decides to remove it where do you think their customers are going to go? Pepsi lost money so they decided to go back to peddling the addictive poison. COKE has steadfastly refused to remove aspartame also with full knowledge of its toxicity.


Years ago Dr. James Bowen wrote the FDA on aspartame (NutraSweet/Equal/Spoonful/AminoSweet, E-951, Canderel, Benevia, Neotame, Advantame, etc) and stated it was mass poisoning of the American public and more than 70 countries of the world, now over 100. The FDA turned its back on the public. Some brave scientists at the FDA in 2009 finally admitted they were broken. So if you write the FDA you might as well be writing the aspartame industry whose power has kept this poison on the market. Dr. M. Alemany who did the famous Trocho Study showing the formaldehyde from the free methyl alcohol embalms living tissue and damages DNA told me in Barcelona that aspartame would kill 200 million people. I believe it already has. Asking the FDA about aspartame is like asking the Mafia for the crime rate. While they say if scientific data becomes available they will do something its just another standard lie. Almost 100 per cent of independent scientific peer reviewed studies show the problems and the Fatal Drugs Allowed folks just ignore them.

First, understand the modus operandi of FDA. If you write your congressman they write the FDA who sends the usual industry propaganda which has been exposed as a lie for over 30 years. Then the congressman sends it on to you. Nothing is ever accomplished.

If you file a petition to ban the law is they have to answer it in 180 days. They don’t. They write and say they have more important things to do, and they use this clause to forever postpone the answer. As an example some of the dyes have been proven to be carcinogenic so they have postponed doing anything about it for years. I filed the petition to ban aspartame in 2002, and then as an imminent health hazard in 2007. This is supposed to be answered in a week or ten years. It wasn’t. You write continually to not get an answer as you read from years ago:

In 2009 when some brave scientists at the FDA wrote Congress and Obama about being broken an agent called me. I mentioned the petitions never answered and they told me it won’t happen. He stated Obama says we have to answer petitions from 2007. When I said I lecture worldwide and people are sick and dying I was told: “So what, we have to depopulate.” Finally a legal report mentioned they had turned down my petition and Dr. Ken Stoller’s petition. The report said we had received a letter. Be assured we haven’t. It is now put out by the National Law Review in the above article with regard to Prop 65.

Under FOIA, Freedom of Information, I had asked for this letter. To this day the only thing I have received is another letter stating they had more important things to do. Over two decades ago I asked the FDA to answer 24 questions. Still unanswered. Letters and more letters have gone to the FDA never to be answered:

Constant new studies such as this one showing aspartame can cause leukemia and lymphoma are ignored by FDA: This is a “human” study. This is added to three studies by Dr. Morando Soffritti showing aspartame is a multipotential carcinogen causing everything from lung cancer to lymphoma. Even Harvard did a study saying it was the strongest and oldest study on aspartame and cancer. All these records are on my web site,

Even the FDA themselves admitted to Congress aspartame causes brain cancer and violates the Delaney Amendment. FDA scientist Dr. Adrian Gross on August 1, 1985, Senate, said the FDA shouldn’t have even been able to set an allowable dose because it causes cancer. His last words will never be forgotten, “And if the FDA violates its own laws who is left to protect the public?” Obviously, this is the only reason Mission Possible World Health International exists – to alert the public we are being mass poisoned and not to use this chemical poison. It has many names. You must read labels. Remember if you don’t buy it, they can’t sell it.

Hidden Aspartame!

It is often hidden under natural and artificial flavors.

The dairy and jam industry petitioned the FDA to allow aspartame in 13 dairy products without labeling. This is, of course, against the law because it has to have a PKU warning for phenylketonurics who can’t metabolize phenylalanine. On asking the FDA if they allowed this crime brought no response, as usual, even though FOIA. Industry knows after 30 years people are now knowledgeable about aspartame and avoid it. Over a year ago the aspartame industry in France was sold for 1 Euro or $1.12. Millions of articles on aspartame can be googled including damning independent studies from aspartame being shown to trigger or precipitate all types of disease from diabetes and seizures to obesity, metabolic syndrome., heart attacks and strokes.

Special warning about gum. Dr. Ralph Walton said aspartame is in all gums whether labeled or not. Dr. Ralph Walton has done two studies on aspartame, one of which carried out on humans caused the administrator who took part in the study to lose his sight in one eye from a retinal attachment. Some said they felt they were being poisoned. The study was stopped. Dr. Walton also did the research for 60 minutes showing most all “independent” peer reviewed research on aspartame showed the problems. Because other sweeteners like sucralose and acesulfame potassium have been proven to cause cancer, ‘Just Like Sugar’ was developed to have a safe sweetener on the market. They will soon be making a safe gum.

The gum situation is very serious because its buccal. Works like nitroglycerin under the tongue, goes through saliva straight to the brain. Dr. H. J. Roberts in his medical text, Aspartame Disease: An Ignored epidemic” also says: “Another possible mechanism involves the transport of aspartame from the back of the mouth (oropharynx) directly to the brain. This phenomenon has been documented for small molecules such as glucose, sodium chloride and ethyl alcohol (Editorial, British Medical Journal 1:184, 1966; Maller 1967).”

Neotame is a more potent aspartame and it was recently reported to be added to PORK. Be warned.



News clips often expose the questions that arise on seeing so many epidemics. With regard to death certificates the question recently arose about adding an additional line to try and get to the real cause of so many deaths. Birth defects are so rampant that MIT said by 2025 one out of two could be autistic. While they claim its due to gylphosate in Round-up and Round-up is deadly we know birth defects are rampant because of aspartame.

The CDC in February said “An estimated 3.3 million women between the ages of 15 and 44 years are at risk of exposing their developing baby to alcohol because they are drinking, sexually active, and not using birth control to prevent pregnancy, according to the latest CDC Vital Signs report released today. The report also found that 3 in 4 women who want to get pregnant as soon as possible do not stop drinking alcohol when they stop using birth control.

Alcohol use during pregnancy, even within the first few weeks and before a woman knows she is pregnant, can cause lasting physical, behavioral, and intellectual disabilities that can last for a child’s lifetime. These disabilities are known as fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs). There is no known safe amount of alcohol even beer or wine ? that is safe for a woman to drink at any stage of pregnancy.”

So how much worse is methyl alcohol in aspartame than ethanol? Read the last chapter in While Science Sleeps: A Sweetener Kills” by Dr. Woodrow Monte on aspartame and autism. It is FREE on Note G. D. Searle made a deal with the FDA not to allow the public to see the teratology studies. They showed neural tube defects, cleft palate and spina bifida for starters. No pregnancy warning on aspartame. What a heinous crime and the world wonders why so many birth defects.

Dr. John Olney who founded the field of neuroscience called excitotoxicity was very interested in fetal alcohol syndrome. He tried to prevent approval of aspartame along with DC Attorney James Turner. He died last year:

On on a front page banner you will see Dr. Olney’s testimony to the Board of Inquiry of the FDA. Note he says that birth defects are a given.

So how do they explain this epidemic of birth defects which started when aspartame was approved? “Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World” documentary on this chemical poison found its way around the world followed by “Sweet Remedy”. In this one the ADD people were interviewed and said before aspartame they hardly used the term ADD.

The National Health Federation publishing the Health Freedom News magazine exposes aspartame and protects our supplements for starters. This month the cover story is ZIKA and exposes the invention of an epidemic by Jon Rappoport. He says “They have invented an epidemic that doesn’t exist, blaming it on a virus that has never caused serious illness and they have connected that virus, with no evidence to microcephaly.”

He says: “Out of nowhere, we were recently told there was an outbreak of microcephaly n Brazil: Over 4000 cases of babies born with small heads and brain impairment. The Brazilian researches then went in and took a closer look at that figure. They walked it back and said there were, at best, only 404 confirmed cases of microcephaly.. Going from 4000 to 404 casesi was a revelation.”

Jon explained, “This is clearly a deception. The first Zika case in Brazil, for a virus that’s been known about since 1947?” So how many of these women were using aspartame? Between aspartame and vaccinations its a wonder you can have a healthy baby.

Dr. Woodrow Monte in “While Science Sleeps: A Sweetener kills says: “Something very wrong is going on, something that is killing good people and causing untold suffering to families and communities around the world. Never has such a high percentage of us been afflicted with so many tragic and wasting illnesses. In the past thirty years, a group of diseases has reached epidemic proportions in the United States and many other countries. These afflictions, often collectively referred to as diseases of civilization (DOC), include multiple sclerosis, Alzheimers disease, breast cancer, lupus, erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, melanoma and autism a once rare birth defect. Because the incidence of these diseases has increased gradually over three decades, we are inclined to accept this as a natural, if unfortunate, part of modern life. But such a lethal trend is not natural; the changes that we have witnessed over the last generation are unprecedented in the history of medical science.”

Remember the words of Dr. James Bowen to the FDA that aspartame is mass poisoning and we see it everywhere. Dr. M. Alemany who did the Trocho Study explaining the formaldehyde converted from the free methyl alcohol embalms living tissue and damages DNA told me aspartame would kill 200 million people! When you damage DNA you can destroy humanity!


For about 15 years we have tried to get Diane Fleming free from prison. Her husband Charles Fleming was addicted to diet pop and died of methanol poisoning. He had decided to use creatine and used three times the amount in some Gatorade. This can cause a creatine blast. Later we found out there is even aspartame in creatine which interacts. She took 3 lie detector tests and passed. She was the one who called the police because a physician asked her to do this being unable to explain methanol. It was Diane herself who gave them the Gatorade saying: “This was the last thing Charles drank.” She took it out of the fridge where anyone in the house could have drank it including her and the children. There was a graduation party. The prosecution’s own toxicologist admitted if Charles had drank all the bottles of Gatorade there wasn’t enough methanol to kill him. Had the prosecution admitted his note instead of trying to make a jury believe it was a sealed bottle of windshield wiper fluid in the garage she would never have been convicted.

Finally with a pro-bono attorney we got a hearing to have a different test done that could prove if a breakdown product of creatine similar to methanol was the culprit. They even turned that down. Dr. M. Alemany said the “data were also clear and perfectly provable, giving a probable cause for an unbelievable mishap of bad analytical procedures, lack of knowledge and triumph of bureaucracy.”

Keep in mind the police refused to indict her because of her innocence. She was indicted by a grand jury. Diane Fleming is in the documentary: “Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World” ( ) and before she was interviewed I spoke to the detective who told me Diane was innocent and he would have stopped the indictment but he was promoted that day. Now there is nothing left but an absolute pardon. Diane in the beginning didn’t want this because she is innocent but now knows without it she could spend another 15 years in prison. She would like to have letters written to the Governor in her favor but sent to her to attach to the paper being prepared. Here is what the form for letters of reference says:

Occupational Title:
Telephone Number:


Pardons Specialist
Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth
P.O. Box 2454
Richmond, Virginia 23218-2454

Re: Mrs. Diane Fleming/Pardon

Dear Governor McAuliffe,

Next it should be mailed to:

Mrs. Diane Fleming
FCCW 1A 113B
P.O. Box 1000
Troy, Virginia 22974 – 1000

The prison will only allow 5 pages on one stamp. So when its longer I send it in 2 envelopes. We hope she will be flooded with letters so the Governor can see the support behind her, and how well known is her innocence. Diane is also in need of funds. They make them pay for their own clothes and she can’t even pay for a pair of shoes. I sent her some and if others would send a few dollars it would help immensely. You have to do it through J-Pay. Diane was a Sunday School teacher and felt so blessed with her life she helped the homeless. We need all the help available to bring her home.


This is extremely important. I’m the last one in the world that would knowingly use aspartame but almost died from it myself and stopped breathing three times in hospitals. What is happening is Big Pharma with full knowledge is adding aspartame in generic drugs and the physician doesn’t know when he prescribes the drugs. Because of insurance who only approve generics what he thinks he prescribed and what you get is the product with added aspartame.

I would suggest that you add aspartame to what you are allergic to when you enter a hospital so it will be on your hand band and never fill a prescription without first asking your pharmacist if there is aspartame. It can save your life. No one is spared from this toxin which is cumulative.

The aspartame industry has bottomless checkups from poisoning the public and its buys a lot of power. You have to take full responsibility for your health. Everybody knows. Informants have called for years. Just a couple of days ago I was talking with Terry Riggs who used to work for the Searle sons. He said they knew how deadly aspartame is and tried to convince people it was okay using it themselves. He said both sons died of cancer and remembers lung cancer and astrocytomas.

Someone recently was talking with Linda Hart who was married to FDA Commissioner Jeri Goyan who was fired in the middle of the night by someone from Reagan’s transition team so he wouldn’t sign the revoked petition on aspartame into law. She was too upset to talk and said her husband would never have allowed aspartame on the market. Because of Rumsfeld, President Reagan wrote an executive order making the FDA powerless to do anything on aspartame until they could get a new commissioner to over-rule the Board of Inquiry as Arthur Hull Hayes did. Everything is a matter of record. We have a letter on our web site from Linda Hart confirming what happened.

The activist who was talking to Linda Hart is a victim himself and his wife worked for NutraSweet. She is diabetic and so addicted her personality has changed from this psycho drug. She will tell you she is fine even though she has had over 60 operations and could now lose more of her legs. Aspartame is pushed on diabetics. As diabetic specialist H. J. Roberts, M.D. says in his medical text, aspartame can precipitate diabetes. It simulates and aggravates diabetic retinopathy and neuropathy, destroys the optic nerve and causes diabetics to go into convulsions. It interacts with insulin and the free methyl alcohol causes them to lose their limbs. No doubt aspartame is responsible for the diabetic epidemic and is a major cause of obesity as has been shown on many scientific peer reviewed studies.

We hope all will get involved to save a life today. The activist who spoke with Linda Hart has lost over 15 members of his family to aspartame. The life you save may be someone close to you. You can forward this information to your lists or all kinds of documentation on our web site.

Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum.
Founder, Mission Possible World Health International
9270 River Club Parkway
Duluth, Georgia 30097

Aspartame Toxicity Center:

From Doreen

Who really knows what is in our food anymore? From undisclosed nano-particles, to sea salt despite human and environmental contamination from Fukushima waste water pouring into the Pacific Ocean, to GMO food, fluorotoxicity in drinking water, toothpaste, chemical toxins a.k.a. chemtrails discharged from aircraft world-wide over crops, humans, animals we eat and what they eat, water, pesticides like Naled recently sprayed over Floridians and citrus crops to combat unproven Zika virus.

Please, forward this information widely and suggest that people read labels, buy wisely,  eat and drink healthy.

It’s time to get right with self governance, and our Creator, the only Power to safeguard us through great deception, fraud, and harm. Thank you.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Non-negotiable autograph,
all rights reserved


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Why So Many Cancers Now?

From Doreen
Please note my blog text appears normal until published by WordPress, at which point text can become distorted, skewed, and run off the page making it unreadable. I ask that you focus on the quality of content rather than presentation style.

by Catherine J. Frompovich

This is an “anthology” of sorts about the etiology of the current cancer epidemic-pandemic.

C-A-N-C-E-R is the word that strikes horror in the hearts and minds of every human alive.  However, that always was not the case.  I’m old enough to remember when cancer was a rather ‘rare’ disease or condition.  Furthermore, I know medical doctors a little older than my ‘vintage’ who say that when they were in medical school, they were not taught very much about cancer, so much so, that when a cancer patient was in one of the wards in a teaching hospital, the entire class of physicians-in-training was trotted in to see that patient.  How interesting?

Personally, I’m of the belief that there is not very much new under the sun EXCEPT what’s being designed and created by genetic modification and geoengineering.  Cancer, undoubtedly, has been around in some form probably since very ancient times.  However, the current ‘plague of cancers’, even though not an anomaly since just about everyone and his or her brother has or had it, became ‘profitable’ during the latter half of the twentieth century.

There is no doubt that cancer, as an ‘industry’, will become even more problematic—plus profitable—to the point where every person probably will contract cancer in some form or other, almost as if by some ulterior design.  Why do I say that?  Because of how cancer has been made into a “profitable business,” revenue stream and profit center for varied and numerous vested interests, when there actually are cancer cures controlling vested interests suppress or even keep for themselves.  Is that too harsh to hear?  Well, have you recently looked into or checked out the ridiculously-priced costs of cancer treatments and protocols?  Like all wars, the “war on cancer” is profitable for vested interests.

For starters, the average cost of a new cancer drug is over $100,000 per year.

Newly-approved cancer drugs can cost about $10,000 on average per month, while some can top off at around, or over, $30,000 a month.

Contrast those prices with the cost of cancer drugs a decade or so ago, which were a mere ‘smidgen’ of only $4,500 a month.  Talk about inflation, or is it medical-pharma rip-off time?  Owning a ‘cancer insurance’ policy really doesn’t help defray many of those costs either.  Usually a cancer policy will state that it provides a lump sum payment for “a covered cancer” or a recurrence of cancer.   Some policies will provide a lump sum cash payout of X dollars upon diagnosis and that’s it!

This website  gives the “average” medical costs for various types of cancers.

What do you think is the average salary an oncologist pulls in? That salary can range from approximately $294,000 to $383,000 per year.  However, how do doctors feel about taking chemotherapy for themselves? When polled, the results showed “75% of physicians in the world refuse chemotherapy for themselves.”  Isn’t that interesting?

In this article, “If Chemotherapy Fails 97% Of The Time, Why Do Doctors Recommend It?” you may begin to understand that doctors don’t learn to cure anything!  “They learn about chemical intervention or surgery to suppress symptoms. They don’t go for the root cause.” (That would put them out of business!)

So how did allopathic medicine and humans become ‘partners’ in cancer?

The first documented case of cancer comes from ancient Egypt. According to the American Cancer Society, there are eight documented cases of breast cancer found on papyrus dating all the way back to 3000 B.C. Even the term cancer has been around for centuries— Hippocrates, the Greek physician who is widely considered the Father of Medicine, used the words carcinos and carcinoma to describe tumors. [1]

Incidentally, there is no mention of cancer per se, even though other diseases are mentioned, in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.  However, individual interpretations, though, may lead some to conclude differently.

Cancer as a rarity in ancient times is not disputed, although some fossilized bone tumors have been found in ancient human mummies.  The dreaded disease of antiquity was leprosy or what’s known in modern times as Hansen’s disease.

During the Renaissance in Europe, a better understanding of the human body began to develop and that led to more diagnostics, especially once post mortem operations (autopsies) became more of a routine procedure after death.  The Renaissance’s Michelangelo, sculptor of “David,” was known to perform detailed anatomical dissections of “fresh cadavers,” which obviously led to his ability to ‘create’ a marble man of extreme anatomical elegance.  Additionally, the invention of the microscope moved pathogenesis along to a great degree of sophisticated knowledge regarding diseased tissues.

It wasn’t until the 1900s that the ‘modern’ or current understanding about cancer and things called “carcinogens” began to appear in science and medicine.   Coincidentally, or more accurately I say, parallel tracks relating to certain diseases began to manifest too.  Those parallels encompassed man-made chemicals and cancer demographics!  Currently the ‘buzz words’ also include epigenetics.

What went wrong

Some of the most egregious assaults upon the human organism that contribute to cancers are the inordinate use and amounts of toxic chemicals placed into food and water—deliberately!  Food growing, processing, preserving, coloring and taste enhancement-chemicals do not belong in food—period!  They adulterate food and our bodies causing biochemical and nutritional imbalances, including genotoxic DNA problems that program cancers.  Neither do most of the man-made chemicals used in water treatment facilities belong in water—the second-most vital element, besides air, for maintaining life.

In my July 2016 book, Eat to Beat Disease, Foods Medicinal Qualities, I devote the Introduction to chronicling how agriculture and the food chain have been polluted chemically, basically since the Industrial Revolution, and especially since World War II when USA businesses and industries went haywire manufacturing, advertising and selling chemicals and pharmaceuticals as ‘needed elements to make life better’—“Better living through chemistry!”  Unfortunately, consumers bought into and ‘embraced’ all the ‘kill’ chemicals for eliminating bugs, vermin, crab grass, weeds, etc.  How hoodwinked were we not to realize that anything that can kill one life form, can and will do irreparable or long-term damage to other life forms higher up the food chain?  Those “can’t do without” lawn chemicals now pollute our drinking water!

In my professional opinion as a retired healthcare professional and consumer health researcher/journalist and author, I feel toxic chemicals that have impacted the human central nervoussystem (the blood brain barrier being breached, in particular) plus the human immune system quite dramatically are what I’d classify as deliberately deceptive money-making enterprises. In my opinion, one is fluoridation of the water supply and the other is vaccines with all their neurotoxic ingredients.

Fluoride is a protoplasmic poison [2-3-4], which can be involved in the etiology of cancers of the bone (osteosarcoma) and oral cancers.  Fluoride causes genetic damage; 19 major university studies have proven that!  I’ll talk about vaccine chemicals later on.

Furthermore and sticking with toxically-polluted water, underground water aquifers are being poisoned by chemicals used in fracking for the extraction of gas and oil found in shale deposits.  According to the researchers who wrote the paper “Natural Gas Operations from a Public Health Perspective,” there are “71 nasty drilling and fracturing chemicals that result in 10 or more health effects,”which can be found here.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself on the timeline of the cancer epidemic-pandemic.

Radiation and Radioactive particulates

Ever since the Manhattan Project to build and test nuclear weapons began (circa 1942), the human race has been subjected to unnatural levels of ionizing radiation circling the globe and impregnating air, food and water.  Thyroid cancers are a prime indication of that type of exposure.  The Manhattan Project resulted in the detonation of two atomic bombs dropped by the USA in 1945 (Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan), which created radiation and radionuclides that affected everything on earth, including cow’s milk and the children who drank the milk!

What type of damage does nuclear radiation do to the body?

Three types of radiation damage may occur: bodily damage (mainly leukemia and cancers of the thyroid, lung, breast, bone, and gastrointestinal tract); genetic damage (birth defects and constitutional and degenerative diseases due to gonodal damage suffered by parents); and development and growth damage (primarily growth and mental retardation of unborn infants and young children). [5]

Probably the most serious threat is cesium-137, a gamma emitter with a half-life of 30 years. It is a major source of radiation in nuclear fallout, and since it parallels potassium chemistry, it is readily taken into the blood of animals and men and may be incorporated into tissue. Other hazards are strontium-90, an electron emitter with a half-life of 28 years, and iodine-131 with a half-life of only 8 days. Strontium-90 follows calcium chemistry, so that it is readily incorporated into the bones and teeth, particularly of young children who have received milk from cows consuming contaminated forage. Iodine-131 is a similar threat to infants and children because of its concentration in the thyroid gland. In addition, there is plutonium-239, frequently used in nuclear explosives. A bone-seeker like strontium-90, it may also become lodged in the lungs, where its intense local radiation can cause cancer or other damage.

Plutonium-239 decays through emission of an alpha particle (helium nucleus) and has a half-life of 24,000 years. To the extent that hydrogen fusion contributes to the explosive force of a weapon, two other radionuclides will be released: tritium (hydrogen-3), an electron emitter with a half-life of 12 years, and carbon-14, an electron emitter with a half-life of 5,730 years. Both are taken up through the food cycle and readily incorporated in organic matter. [5]

Shouldn’t we be asking what’s happening to our air, food and water since Chernobyl (1986) and especially since Fukushima (2011) with its uncontained radioactive leaks into the Pacific Ocean and the atmosphere which global nuclear powers seemingly aren’t willing to help clean up?  Are food crops growing in USA’s western states of Washington, Oregon and California affected—including organically-grown crops?

How about all the atmospheric nuclear testing done by various “nuclear countries” [10 or 11] that have stockpiled nuclear weapons?  What have they put into the atmosphere?  Then there are the depleted uranium ordnances used by the USA in fighting the Gulf War, in Iraq, and possibly Syria.  Children born in Iraq after that outrageous war based upon the false pretense of “weapons of mass destruction that were not there, but the USA obviously has” are suffering the consequences of ionizing radiation and genotoxic chemicals, as told in this video.

Let’s not overlook all the ‘minor’ nuclear power plant ‘uneventful’ leaks and shutdowns because of some sort of technology failures, the foremost being the Three Mile Island ‘accident’ outside Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, March 28, 1979.  Also, do you know that all nuclear power plants are permitted to emit regularly ‘safe’ levels of radioactivity up their stacks [9]?

Weather Geoengineering “Chemtrails”

Let’s not forget the ever-persistent Solar Radiation Management effort to control the weather—pardon my misspeak—to prevent “climate warming”—using toxic chemical sprays that cloud over the skies and produce toxic rain and snow, which pollute everything on earth, including the food we eat and the water we drink, not to mention contaminating our lungs with nanoparticles probably engineered to tag and ‘track’ us or fashion us into radiofrequency ‘radio signal receivers’.  Isn’t the U.S. Air Force gearing up to own the weather as a weapon of war by 2025? [10]

Some of the toxins found in the assays of chemtrail-spiked rain water assayed in California [6] include:

  • Aluminum
  • Arsenic
  • Barium salts
  • Cadmium
  • Desiccated human blood cells
  • Lead
  • Mercury
  • Mycoplasma
  • Polymer fibers
  • Radio cesium
  • Strontium
  • Uranium
  • Plus others

Add to the above as a ‘contraindication’, another ‘parallel’ of sorts, which involves chemtrails apparently contributing to a newly-occurring terrible health syndrome that presents as a crawling sensation under the skin with nanofibers emerging; it’s called Morgellons disease [7-8].

Genetically Modified Organisms: Food, Animals, Plants and Organisms

The high tech world of genetic engineering or modification is so overwhelmingly large, I cannot begin to touch on it in this article which, if I did, could wind up being the size of a book, so I will focus on only genetically modified ‘phood’, which I cover in great detail in my July 2016 book, Eat to Beat Disease, Foods Medicinal Qualities.

What I touch on next is minuscule in comparison to the known and published research, science and literature, so I may be criticized for not mentioning problems that some readers think I should have included but, inadvertently, have omitted.  I apologize for that, but I’ve got to make tracks the best I can in tying this article in to the cancer epidemic-pandemic.

Notably since the 1980s (and even earlier) there have been full-bore scientific determinations to design and recreate Nature and most, if not all, of Nature’s attributes into the scientific power-dream of domination, control, skewing and modifying DNA/RNA in just about everything that most humans refer to as “Intelligent Design”-created or  God’s creation.  Genetic modification (GM/GMO/GE) affects just about every facet of most life forms on Planet Earth NOW!

The GMO ‘track’ that has the better potential and most immediately-effective strategy for refashioning human DNA/RNA besides vaccines, in my opinion, is GMO ‘phood’!  That being said, I’d like to refer readers to another of my books, Our Chemical Lives And The Hijacking Of Our DNA, A Probe Into What’s Probably Making Us Sick, wherein I discuss in greater depth GMOs.  As a matter of fact, while I was writing that book, I was in email contact with Professor Séralini, PhD, whose subsequent 2 year rat studies on GMO feed has become a landmark study about cancerous tumors from GMO rations and glyphosate.

Dr Séralini’s work [11] puts to rest, and absolutely trashes, Monsanto’s 90-day GMO-‘safety’-studies presented to the FDA for GMO technology approvals [12-13]!

That being said, Monsanto’s GMO crops and the Monsanto GMO agricultural methods for growing those crops – the use of inordinate amounts of glyphosate in Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup® by contract farming or there are legal problems for farmers – leave the planet, its livestock, almost all plant matter, soils/farms, pollinator insects and, especially, humans, who eat GMO ‘phoods’ in dire straits.  Gastrointestinal health problems affecting the human microbiome from glyphosate residues found in most processed food is being documented [16].  Children, who are vaccine damaged, get gastrointestinal relief and find a way to wellness when put on a GMO-free diet [17].

Not only in food is glyphosate found, but in vaccines injected into infants, toddlers, teens, adults and senior citizens!  See my article about that confirmation from the scientific research of Anthony Samsel, PhD.

Glyphosate is a very toxic chemical!

I’d like to thank Chris, who made a comment to my article above and which I want to share, since Chris seems to know more about glyphosate’s interesting ‘past’:

Glyphosate=N-phosphonomethyl GLYCINE, contains the amino acid glycine, which also happens to be the human inhibitingneurotransmitter!! Dr. Samsel and Seneff published all the relevant data on that issue, which somehow is not becoming loud enough! Carcinogenicityofglyphosate was known by Monsanto in 1981, and first later the biotech seed producer came to the idea to design new artificial genes, which would bind the carcinogen glyphosate and make ~85% of all GMO’s glyphosate resistant. What goes even further into history, is the fact that glycine supports fast proliferation of certain types of cancer, a fact known in 1932!!! Thus features of the glycine, one of the simplest amino acid on our planet were investigated thoroughly for decades, and once it was known that it participates in cancer growth, glyphosate was ‘discovered’, as the artificial chemical mimick (replacement) of glycine. First it was used as ‘safest’ herbicide, later it became the essence of most GMO’s produced by the biotech ‘seed’ giants. The latest article about glyphosate from Dr. Samsel and Seneff, goes into horrifying theoretical scenario, a production of peptoids, within OUR BODIES! Peptoids are not digestible, but once becoming parts of our bodies, certainly support some artificial unknown function. Not for nothing Dr. Seneff works for the office of ‘artificial intelligence’….

The purpose of Glyphosate was planned not only for decades, but for almost a century by now… Since Glyphosate is deeply connected with almost all GMO’s, the entire biotechnology with its ‘fruits’ HAS TO BE PUT INTO A DEEP INVESTIGATION, A.S.A.P. [CJF emphasis added]

Glyphosate’s ‘history’, as stated above, must be investigated immediately by reputable independentscientists, not Monsanto’s or Bayer’s ‘gophers’!  The U.S. CDC, FDA, USDA, EPA and Congress must become involved immediately, if not sooner, and prevent the ‘marriage’ of the Bayer-Monsanto ‘families’ that probably will facilitate cancer even more than ever as a result of the ‘scientific’ clout Bayer will attain as the largest GMO seed producer in the world.

Electromagnetic and Radiofrequency Technologies Contribution to Cancer

In this world of ‘smart’ gadgets and appliances, everyone unknowingly has bought into being irradiated with non-ionizing microwave radiofrequency energies that have been declared a class 2B carcinogen by the IARC of the World Health Organization:

PRESS RELEASE N° 208 31 May 2011

IARC Classifies Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields As Possibly Carcinogenic to Humans

Lyon, France – May 30, 2011  The WHO/International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B), based upon an increased risk for glioma, a malignant type of brain cancer associated with wireless phone use. [14]

What most folks PROBABLY aren’t aware of is that all “smart” appliances operate on microwave technology frequencies and fall into the same class 2B above, just not cell phones which are the primary wireless technology in use.  However, others equally as dangerous, if not more so, include:

Wi-Fi in schools, offices and public places; utilities’ AMI Smart Meters; and any device that can send and receive data, voice, photos, messages, etc. using microwave technology!

Currently, there’s talk about Google’s 5G “Wi-Fi in the Sky” Project SkyBender [15]. God help us when that goes into effect!  If you ever thought about wearing a tin-foil-hat, then that would be the time to do so.  Why?  In order to protect your brains from being ‘fried’, I offer, from the research that’s been hidden DELIBERATELY by the microwave tech industry for years indicating non-thermal adverse health effects known as electromagnetic hypersensitivity and as a contributing factor to many types of cancers.

Whatever you do, please do not wear a ‘live’ or active cell phone on your body, e.g., on your belt; in your pants pocket; in your bra; or an ear piece that’s not the proper type to prevent RFs from going directly into your ear and brain.

All the above probably will pale to what I will discuss next, I offer.

Probably a more significant factor for the current cancer epidemic-pandemic is the fact that children in the 1950s through 1963 (or longer, it’s thought) were vaccinated with polio vaccines containing a cancer virus, the SV40 virus.  More than 100 million children received that cancer virus in the polio vaccine!  I discuss that and much more about vaccine ingredients in my book, Vaccination Voodoo, What YOU Don’t Know About Vaccines.

The U.S. Congress held a hearing in 2003 wherein they investigated and had to admit that.  Here’s the report “Preventing Another SV40 Tragedy: Are Today’s Safe Vaccine Protocols Effective?” [No! I offer.] dated November 13, 2003 admitting what happened.  However, here’s what I wrote about that SV40 vaccine problem for VacTruth in 2011.

Nothing speaks more clearly than Dr Maurice Hilleman, the father of modern vaccines who worked for Merck, talking very candidly about those monkeys from whom the SV40 virus was derived.

The long and short of the above vaccine tragedy is that apparently there may be some impact on cancer rates since the SV40 virus has been found in cancerous tumors excised from cancer patients! This article discusses the “cause and effect” issues revolving around SV40 and cancer.  One can assume that there is ‘no cause and effect’ just like there is ‘no cause and effect’ with the MMR vaccine and Autism due to the CDC’s blatant fraudulent scientific findings as exposed by whistleblower William Thompson, PhD, and told in the documentary movie VAXXED.

However, that’s not the first time the CDC had fudged and falsified the connection between vaccines and Autism; there’s the Verstraeten study that was reworked circa 2000.  Attorney Robert F Kennedy, Jr disclosed what’s become known as the “Simpsonwood Meeting” that effectuated the rework of  CDC epidemiologist Verstraeten’s confirmed Autism-from-vaccines  research data that somehow morphed into a newly-generated “no cause and effect to autism from vaccines” study.

Then there is the unfortunate problem of Merck and Company falsifying for ten years the effectiveness rate of the mumps active in their MMR vaccine, which whistleblowers exposed and currently is before the Federal court [18-19] in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

We can’t trust the CDC, FDA or the vaccine makers when it comes to vaccine science!  The CDC is the vaccine makers’ champion for mandatory vaccinations.  Why, when vaccines contain so many neurotoxins and probable carcinogenic ingredients like formaldehyde, and the CDC/FDA should be protecting healthcare consumers, not Big Pharma?

Is the current cancer epidemic-pandemic a ‘man-made’ problem?

As I said in the beginning of this “anthology,” cancer has been around since ‘forever’, but the current rate of contraction is far beyond what could be termed ‘natural chances’.  Everything, including pharmacology, which I’ve not discussed, is implicated in a “cause and effect” with cancer ideologies, especially anything having to do with “man-made” chemicals, a great quantity of which affects our food, water and the air we breathe.

Is it too late to do anything about the cancer epidemic-pandemic?  What do you think?


About the Author: Catherine J Frompovich (website) is a retired natural nutritionist who earned advanced degrees in Nutrition and Holistic Health Sciences, Certification in Orthomolecular Theory and Practice plus Paralegal Studies. Her work has been published in national and airline magazines since the early 1980s. Catherine authored numerous books on health issues along with co-authoring papers and monographs with physicians, nurses, and holistic healthcare professionals. She has been a consumer healthcare researcher 35 years and counting.

Catherine’s latest book, published October 4, 2013, is Vaccination Voodoo, What YOU Don’t Know About Vaccines, available on

Her 2012 book A Cancer Answer, Holistic BREAST Cancer Management, A Guide to Effective & Non-Toxic Treatments, is available on and as a Kindle eBook.

Resources:Man-Made Pollutants Found in Earth’s Deepest Ocean Trenches

The Weston A Price Foundation / Environmental Toxins

Roundup, cancer & the future of food

SOURCE with thanks and more at

From Doreen
Many people refuse to believe this tract of humanity is being culled.

The best anyone can do is lead by example, and pray more humans wake up to reality as it is instead of how they’d like it to be, soonest possible with most ease and grace.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Non-negotiable autograph,
all rights reserved

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Rethinking Healthcare 2017

Below is a comment I posted at Vidrebel’s Blog that is not visible.

Thank you Vidrebel, for caring and sharing.

Our escape route is narrowing. To end great fraud, great crime, and great harm requires compassion, caring, greater awareness, and wise action together.

Zero birth defects:
“Wi-Fi in schools puts female youth at risk of birthing genetically deformed children, followed by a lifetime of worry, guilt, and absolute hell.” Barrie Trower.

Well Being Kevin Mugur Galalae

We need hundreds of thousands + people to cooperate and pull together as never before to right the wrongs. Ponder if you will …

Little effort is required to break 1 arrow however many arrows bundled together are not so easy to break. It is the same with humans. We need people to cooperate, speak the truth publicly in great numbers, and safeguard one another from the beast!

Inform people about silent weapons [harmful gmo food, fluorotoxicity, wireless electromagnetic radiation, vaccines, geoengineering the weather, toxic chemicals discharged from aircraft, involuntary sterilization, bio hazard smart meters, Fukushima cover-up] b/c our health, well being, and survival depend on it.

The truth in plain view?

Why is the Eagle on the U.S. Seal holding a ‘bundle’ of arrows instead of one?

Thomson's sketch (detail)

Because a bundle of arrows symbolizes ‘strength in unity’ found in the traditional cultures everywhere, from the Romans to the Iroquois.

Humans allow themselves to be ruled and remain fragmented, while those who rule this planet willingly put their differences aside to defeat humanity.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Non-negotiable autograph,
all rights reserved

Video Rebel's Blog

“America’s health care system is neither healthy, caring, nor a system.”  Walter Cronkite

Americans are not only choosing a new President but they are also in the process of creating a new healthcare system. What was here at the beginning of 2016 might not even be around by the end of 2017. We are in that radical a period.

I would like to offer a few suggestions that I think will benefit any system we choose.

Guarantee the patient that what the doctor recommends actually has scientific proof that it works. What! Doctors have no proof that those pills and procedures work!!

Require that all prescription pills covered by insurance be proven by someone other than a drug company that they work better than a home remedy. Easily done. Let all testing be done by hospitals and doctors instead of by Big Pharma. Let’s test statin drugs against a popular…

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We Are Not Random Genes Driving a Purposeless Life Until We Die

3 Scientific Game Changers That Will Transform Medicine

genes-1Dr. Kelly Brogan, M.D., Green Med Info
Waking Times

Think diseases run in the family? Think again.

Have you ever worried about “getting” breast cancer because your mom and aunt both had it? What about Bipolar Disorder (yes, psychiatry capitalizes it’s diagnoses for extra emphasis!) or Lupus? It has probably felt like you have a ticking time bomb inside you and you just want to know when it’s going to go off. When that diagnosis is going to be delivered. Women like Angelina Jolie have engaged willful mutilation in the name of the persistent belief that genes are destiny.

This is simply not true.

“It runs in my family” no longer means what we once believed it to.

You may not know this yet, but the whole game has changed and we are several decades into the most powerful shift in scientific thinking in the past 300 years. Science, when handled with care, is a process, not a destination.

Science fundamentally reflects our native curiosity, our creative impulse, and our sense of wonder. Along the line, however, it began to take on a different flavor. With men like Newton, Darwin, and Descarte at the microphone, a culture of reductionism, force-based perceptions around the nature of reality, and separation of spirit and matter all predicated the culture of ruthless medicine we are steeped in today. We war against nature, our bodies, and each other. There’s good and bad. There’s the illusion of the objective. We pray at the altar of facts and data.

I used to believe that science meant answers and solutions. And now I don’t. Here’s why.

Anyone who has plumbed the depths of science, either through study, primary research, or experimentation, will reach the limitations of belief in science as the be all end all. Beyond this glass ceiling is the sense of wonder that is stripped from the soulless realm of modern biology. The amazing thing is that, the past several decades have furnished a new kind of science. It’s a science of inquiry rather than utility. The conclusions of today’s abstracts seem to read, “isn’t this amazing?” rather than “here is confirmation that this drug is necessary to manage our wayward biology”. In essence, it reflects a new story about our role in the holobiont, or the more purposeful station we occupy in the web of nature.

In this new story, we are not the result of several billion years of random mutations and survival of the fittest. Instead, we are adapting, as Lamarck once suggested (and even Darwin acquiesced), purposefully. This purposeful adaptation means that we are interacting with our environment in a co-creative dance with balances and micro/macro feedback loops to keep a certain meta-order intact.

How a focus on genes made lifestyle irrelevant

When I was in training, I had one hour of nutrition education that essentially positioned food as caloric currency. Why would it matter if we were born with the diseases we would ultimately struggle with? In gene-based science, toxicant exposure, rest, nutrition, and relationships are clearly window dressing considerations. (Jonathan Latham’s work on identifying the historical influence of the Tobacco industry on the push towards the hume genome project and gene-centricism in medical science is amazing.

With the completion of the human genome, however, we learned that we have fewer protein-coding genes than an earthworm. This means that the genes we thought made us who we are, don’t.


We had to go back to the drawing board. Where on earth does our seemingly infinite uniqueness come from? How are diseases manifesting if not genetically?

And a new science was born. It was named epigenetics.

Epigenetics encompasses all that is beyond the genes (it actually means “above”) and includes modulators, modifiers, and any influence on the expression of genes and even the possibility that nonhuman genes may play an expressive role in human physiology. It also refers to the the almost 99% of our genome that was once pejoratively called “junk DNA” and now is more mystically referred to as Dark Matter, as Dr. Jeff Bland describes here.

One of the most powerful examples of the relevance of epigenetics is the lore of the ‘breast cancer gene’. Jolie, and many other women have succumbed to the hex or the belief that they are cursed by their genes, doomed to develop diseased breasts, ovaries, and uteruses if they just go on living with them in their bodies.

The literature, itself claims that gene mutations such as the “breast cancer gene” or BRCAseems to be doing different things over time. Doesn’t that mean, by definition, that we are talking about epigenetics? Because the risk of a gene itself should not change over time. An oft-cited study concludes:

Risks appear to be increasing with time: Breast cancer risk by age 50 among mutation carriers born before 1940 was 24%, but among those born after 1940 it was 67%.

In a timely meta-analysis entitled: Worse Breast Cancer Prognosis of BRCA1/BRCA2 Mutation Carriers: What’s the Evidence? A Systematic Review with Meta-Analysis, the authors conclude:

Our review shows that, in contrast to currently held beliefs of many oncologists and despite 66 published studies, it is not yet possible to draw evidence-based conclusions about the association between BRCA1 and/or BRCA2 mutation carriership and breast cancer prognosis. We only found sufficient evidence for a 10% worse unadjusted recurrence-free survival for BRCA1 mutation carriers. For all the other outcomes the evidence was judged to be indecisive.

This reflects a more modern understanding that only about 1% of diseases are truly genetic in nature (i.e. due to a congenitally inherited and irreversible gene defect), and that we may very well have misunderstood our interpretation of these gene’s functions. The rest is lifestyle. In other words, we create our experience and determine our destiny.

As we embrace our agency in our own bodily experience, we must embrace complexity and take off the blinders of our one gene – one ill – one pill model of thinking. As you open your mind to this shift underfoot, a shift into a more ecological type of medicine, a more collaborative, communal, and connected type of medicine, revel in what the more beautiful science is showing us about our need to let go of what we once believed. It served us, but it’s time has passed.

Here are the 3 most powerful game changers in recent literature:

Gamechanger # 1: The Microbiome

An extension of the one cause – one problem dialectical thinking, is the rush to characterize microbes as pathogens, as bad guys. We have done so for as long as we have been seeking to control and dominate nature. Pestilence and contagion have fit neatly into the lighthouse beam of fear that we sweep across our psychic terrain. But even Pasteur, arguably the father of germ theory, on his deathbed, was reported to say: ” I was wrong. The microbe (germ) is nothing. The terrain (milieu) is everything.”

What is the terrain though? The implication is that we are, in fact, an ecosystem, positioned within an ecosystem. There is no linearity, so that when we pull one thread of the spider web, the entire thing moves.

With the dawning of our awareness that microbes including fungi, bacteria, viruses, and others, live in and around us, we ceased to be human in the ways we had come to believe. We are not, in fact, humans trying to uphold and protect our humanity in a sea of invaders. We are a meta-organism, a holobiont, interfacing with a greater whole, like a fractal repetition of a pattern.

With the emergence of science seeking to study the microbiome, primarily in the gut, we have learned that these bacteria have the capacity to perform some of our most vital human functions, and some that seem to be eerily custodial. Take for example, the fact that there are bacteria in our guts that have evolved to detoxify the chemicals in an average dry cleaner. How could they possibly have foreseen the need for this function? Then there’s the digestion, barrier protection, immune signaling, hormone balancing, and brain controlling functions of the microbiome.

Through this lens, our tonsils and appendix are no longer vestigial, and the special role of a woman’s physiology is recentered as the conduit through which this microbiome passes from mother to fetus, and even through the inheritance of our primary cellular energy production sites – the mitochondria – themselves, ancient bacteria that were assimilated into the human organism over a billion years ago.

Because we know this now, we cannot war against nature any longer. Vaccines and antibiotics, hand sanitizers and bleach are necessarily brought under scrutiny. We will never win this battle because it’s not a battle meant to be won. Nature will continue to remind us of this with the emergence of superbugs, pharmaceutical damage, and disturbed immunity.

The term dysbiosis, used by holistic and integrative practitioners to refer to gut imbalance, of course, actually means “wrong living”. No doubt, our struggles today, stem from a lack of connection to the natural world. It is, in this way, poetic justice that we would only be able to heal our guts, right our relationship to the microbial world through food – nature’s gift, bounty, and language.

Gamechanger #2: Exosomes

The nail in the coffin of protein-coding-gene-determined-health is a group of tiny bubble-like blobs that influence gene expression. Amazingly similar to viruses in nature, structure, and possibly even function, exosomes are created and received by our bodily cells in order to direct, determine, and react to states of being.

40-100nm in diameter, exosomes typically carry something called micro RNA or miRNA which are key regulators of gene expression, naturally impacted by environmental factors, from toxicants, nutrition, and lifestyle patterns.

In fact, seminal research has demonstrated that stable miRNAs are transferred from plants including rice and ginger, into mammalian physiology where they then serve to regulate gene expression. Once again, food is reframes as so much more than calories and nutrients…it is information.

Researchers are suggesting that infant assessments of miRNA patterns may help to identify fetal brain injury from toxic exposures including mercury, aluminum, and medications, at birth, so that healing protocols can be prioritized and initiated. Powerfully, however, in order to understand the “signatures” of different disease states, we would have to study them in their natural unfoldment, without pharmaceutical interventions, before we could ascertain what is evidence of illness and what is evidence of medication effect. The authors state clearly:

“In addition, one must control for the influence of psychotropic drugs on miRNA expression since several studies showed that lithium, haloperidol, or valproate induced changes of the miRNA profiles in brain.”

This, of course, is why preventive medicine involves interfacing with the environment in a language that the body understands based on millions of years of co-evolution.

Gamechanger #3: Belief

When I was in training, the placebo effect was framed as a nuisance factor that needed to be controlled for. I now understand that the placebo effect doesn’t mean that you were fooled or tricked. It doesn’t mean you’re making it up or that you’re gullible. It means that a complex physiologic cascade of events was kicked off by your experience of taking a pill with the promise of relief.

It is rapidly being characterized as the most important driver of outcomes in everything from psychiatry to surgery.

My research on the placebo effect has helped me to understand that psychiatric medications, and specifically antidepressants, are more risk than benefit, and that I cannot achieve meaningful outcomes with patients who do not fundamentally believe that their bodies can heal.

How could it be that belief is this important?

Dr. Candace Pert, the pioneering researcher credited with the discovery of the opiate receptor, has debunked the Cartesian dualism that for hundreds of years has put the mind out of the realm of the body. She also challenged the notion that the mind is something that merely relates to the body. The mind, per her conclusions, is the body.

In fact, she used the language of the bodymind and elucidated how neuropeptides travel around the body encoding emotion in different tissues and organs. The shape of these peptides, or their conformation, further transmitted information to receipient cells. All of the sudden, informational transfer takes on another dimension – vibration.

Another pioneer of the role of belief in cellular physiology, Dr. Bruce Lipton was several decades ahead of his time in establishing the role of environment and belief in the body’s physiology. His work has decentralized the nucleus (where the genes are housed), and focused on the cell membrane as an information-processing interface with the environment.

Taken together, this research all seems to suggest that we are a product of our energetic experience in the context of a greater whole. Even physics is mirroring this with the emergence of theories like Rupert Sheldrake’s morphic resonance, which suggests that collective experiences set a potential template for individual experiences in a type of memory transfer that has little to do with genes.

We are not random genes driving a purposeless life until we die.

It appears that human experience is not as it has been previously framed and echoed by philosopher Alan Watts – flesh robots on a dead rock in the middle of nowhere. When the human experience is reduced in this way, it’s most essential elements are denied – beauty, spirit, meaning.

In fact, human experience is the universe manifested at one point. It is the emergent properties of many, infinitely complex and interfacing systems. It is fundamentally sacred, larger than our will, and gently demanding of our humility.

This is the teleologic perspective – one in which the purpose rather than the cause is the explanation of phenomena. I reflect on this when I consider how adaptable our bodies are – in real time, within hours – and how we have not adapted fully to the lifestyles we have felt entitled to over the past 100 years. We live from our egos with total disregard for nature, each other, and our own bodily vessels. And we are sicker than we have ever been, from cradle to grave. It seems that we are not “meant” to adapt to this way of living and we are reminded of this through the signals of illness. We are called back to the Continuum through our anxiety, depression, and illness. We are reminded that we haven’t figured it out, that science is not and cannot be used merely as a tool for control, and that consciousness as an emergent property of our physiologic web, is a gift.

The fairest thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science…the mystery of the eternity of life, and the inkling of the marvellous structure of reality, together with the single-hearted endeavor to comprehend a portion, be it ever so tiny, of the reason that manifests itself in nature. – Einstein

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