10 Best Cancer Killing Phytonutrients To Eat

30 years of research reveals 10 best food phytonutrients to protect against and even treat the root cause of most cancers

10 Best Cancer Killing Phytonutrients To Eat | 10_best_cancer_fighting_foods | Natural Medicine Special Interests

A new medical model is fast emerging in line with ancient wisdom: one that aims to strike to the root cause of disease and resolve it permanently, and which some call “functional medicine.” In cancer treatment, this highly rational approach involves targeting the cancer stem cells (CSCs) at the root of cancer malignancy. Because we now know that CSCs are resistant to chemotherapy and radiation treatment, and may even increase in number and invasveness when exposed to these outdated therapies, it is no longer ethical to continue with the conventional oncologist’s “standard of care.” Clearly, unless a cancer treatment is capable of selectively killing and/or inducing suicide programs (apoptosis) within cancer cells without harming non-cancerous cells, it is not going to produce a cure.

In light of this, we are excited to report on a new review published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences titled, “Phytochemicals as Innovative Therapeutic Tools against Cancer Stem Cells,” which evaluated the evidence for what natural compounds within various foods and spices make for the most compelling treatments for targeting CSCs.

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10 Best Cancer Killing Phytonutrients To Eat | preview_cancer | Natural Medicine Special Interests According to the review of 30 years worth of literature on the topic, the following 10 natural substances have been demonstrated to be the most effective chemopreventive dietary agents against CSCs:

  1. Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG)green tea extract

  2. Curcumin: The primary polyphenol in turmeric root 

  3. ResveratrolA phytochemical found in grapes, peanuts, Japanese knotweed

    Image result for liposomal 30 curcumin revestralFor your awareness. Gluten free, soy free, NON-GMO. Also protects against radiation from the environment and from radiation therapy. See more at:

  4. Lycopene: A red carotenoid found in watermelon, pink grapefruit, and tomatoes
  5. Pomegranate extracts

  6. Luteolin: A flavonoid found in peppers and various green vegetables

  7. Genistein: A phytochemical found in soy, red clover, and coffee

  8. Piperine: A phytochemicals found in black pepper

  9. β-carotene: An orange carotenoid found in various vegetables

  10. Sulforaphane: A sulfurous phytochemical found in Cruciferous vegetables

The researchers described the discovery that phytochemicals can selectively target CSCs as “a milestone in the improvement of cancer treatment because the synthetic anticancer drugs that are currently used are often highly toxic for healthy organs and weakens the patient’s immune system.”

10 Best Cancer Killing Phytonutrients To Eat | organic | Natural Medicine Special Interests They also pointed out that the phytochemicals or extracts identified above, due to their “low levels of toxicity for normal cells,” can be used in combination with other phytochemicals, “yielding powerful synergistic effects.”

They identified several key areas of focus for the future:

  • Finding a way to combine these compounds into “very active cocktails of phytochemicals” to address the multiple areas of treatment resistance often found in CSCs.

  • Compare the effects of natural phytochemicals with synthetic drugs, the latter of which they anticipate will be found to be less efficient.

  • Further research should be performed on CSCs to better understand the signaling pathways that govern their self-renewal and survival.

The authors concluded, “[T]he use of phytochemicals may be a true therapeutic strategy for eradicating cancer through the elimination of CSCs.”

If you have followed GreenMedInfo.com, you know cover the complex terrain of modern cancer treatment and its failures in various exposes on cancer overdiagnosis, the misunderstood nature of cancer, the reality of chemo and radiation resistance, the sorcerer-like power that doctors have over the health destiny of their patients, and the corrupt pharmaceutically-driven medical system that sacrifices ethics for profit. It is clear that while this is a harrowing task and topic, often fraught with darkness, the discovery that natural substances are superior to highly toxic chemotherapy and radiation in selectively killing the root cause of cancer is extremely promising and should help to usher in a new era of cancer prevention and treatment that looks at our dietary decisions as the most important factor in our health destiny.

For additional resources and research use our Health Guide on Cancer Research.

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SOURCE with thanks http://www.thesleuthjournal.com/10-best-cancer-killing-phytonutrients/

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How 5G will kill the birds, bees, and loved ones; and an antidote

RFR [radio frequency radiation] exposure activates voltage-gated calcium channels

From the Conclave of the American Intelligence Media 

NOTHING, absolutely nothing, is more important than citizens to demand that all further progress on rolling out 5G must stop IMMEDIATELY. We have a lot of research that needs to be done before killing the birds, bees, and humanity.

Maxim of Law: Until we say ‘no’ we said yes

I read through our most recent Conclave post, entitled Internet of Things: Fascism by Another Name. Powered by 5G and found it a well-written warning and one that I would like to elaborate on in this post. This seems necessary today to wake up the sleeping majority who are sleeping through this global subliminal attack.

I’ve read estimates of the percentage of the population with EHS as high as 10%, especially since it remains undiagnosed in a lot of people who aren’t clear why they are suffering. The bill Ohio passed stripping local government authority to resist 5G antennas placement is being challenged by a lawsuit from approximately 80 cities and counties. It will be interesting to see how effective that challenge is.

You have a pretty comprehensive list of wireless health impacts and some of their causes, but you could perhaps expand that a little bit. A more specific study found RFR [radio-frequency radiation] exposure activates voltage-gated calcium channels. This leads to increased calcium levels within cells, which leads to the production of peroxynitrite. Peroxynitrite is at the root of most inflammatory diseases, including neurodegenerative and cardiovascular diseases, migraines, and allergies.

M. Pall, “Electromagnetic fields act via activation of voltage-gated calcium channels to produce beneficial or adverse effects,” Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, 6-26-2013.

Studies also have found that RFR exposure can remove calcium ions (positively charged calcium ions) from cell membranes in the brain. Loss of calcium ions destabilizes the membrane and can have serious metabolic and neurological consequences. The brain may become hyperactive and overloaded, leading to loss of concentration, ADHD, damage to DNA (causing loss of fertility and increased risk of cancer), and digestive enzymes from lysosomes. Membrane leakage can also open the blood-brain barrier and other protective barriers, leading to Alzheimer’s, dementia, asthma, allergies, and various autoimmune disorders.

See these relevant articles and studies:

S. M. Bawin et al., “Effects of modulated VHF fields on the central nervous system,” Academy of Science, 247 (1975): 74-81

N. D. Volkow et al., “Effects of Cell Phone Radio frequency Signal Exposure on Brain Glucose Metabolism,” Journal of the American Medical Association, vol. 305 no. 8 (2011): 808-813

R.C. Beason and P. Semm, “Responses of neurons to an amplitude modulated microwave stimulus,” Neuroscience Letters, vol. 333 (2002): 175-178

J.F. Krey and R.F. Dolmetsch, “Molecular mechanisms of autism: A possible role for Ca2+ signaling,” Current Opinion in Neurobiology, vol. 17 (2007): 12-119..

Another important 2015 review of existing studies on RFR effects was published by the National Academy of Sciences in the Ukraine, Indiana University, and the University of Campinas in Brazil. Based on 93 out of 100 peer-reviewed studies, it concluded that low-intensity RFR is an oxidative agent for living cells with a high pathological potential. The oxidative stress induced by RFR exposure explains a range of RFR health impacts, both cancer and non-cancer illnesses. In addition to chronicling illnesses, this study provides at least 6 different biological mechanisms that explain these RFR effects in the body.

Igor Yakymenko1, Olexandr Tsybulin2, Evgeniy Sidorik1, Diane Henshel3, Olga Kyrylenko4 and Sergiy Kyrylenkom “Oxidative mechanisms of biological activity of low-intensity radiofrequency radiation,” Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine (July 2015)

Perhaps it should also be mentioned that WiFi exposure can cause interference with bodily medical devices including pacemakers, insulin pumps, Parkinsons deep brain implants, and hospital equipment.

bird headThere are also some disturbing studies on how electromagnetic radiation affects wildlife, for example birds through their feathers, which act as “antennas.”

Here is a sampling from something I wrote a couple of years ago of some more “wildlife” impact studies:

“All plants and animals, as well as humans, have adapted to the earth’s electromagnetic fields, which include a direct current (DC) magnetic field, a DC electrical field, and low-frequency Schumann Resonances (natural fields that are both electric and magnetic, caused by the geometry of the earth’s surface and the ionosphere near the top of the atmosphere).”

“To navigate in relation to these fields and to control their immune systems, birds and bees use magnetically sensitive substances called cryptochromes. These are protein pigments found in virtually all animals, plants, and many bacteria. Cryptochromes measure light to control and reset animals’ and plants’ biological clocks. Some animals also use cryptochomes to sense (or “see”) the direction of the earth’s magnetic field. Cryptochromes are badly impaired by human-made oscillating electro-magnetic fields, disrupting insects’ and animals’ solar and magnetic navigation abilities, likely leading to results such as bee colony collapse, loss of migratory birds and butterflies, and a weakening of the immune system.

For example, radio-frequency radiation (RFR) can blot out a bird’s perception of the earth’s field, causing the bird (or insect) to fly in the wrong direction, and also disrupt a bird’s internal clock based on the sun’s changing position. Birds often leave the areas for many hundreds of feet around cell towers and antennas.”

“Daily Circadian metabolic rhythms of numerous animals are also driven by cryptochome-containing internal clocks, especially in relation to dawn and dusk. Circadian rhythms control the production of melatonin (a sleep hormone); at night, they divert metabolic resources to bodily repair and immune-system strengthening. In humans reduced melatonin production would result in tiredness during the day and poor sleep at night, among other effects. Because it is supported by melatonin, the immune system may never to able to summon the great energy sometimes required to overcome pathogens or destroy developing cancer cells before they get out of control, leading to various diseases.”.

The following published research studies support the selection above with brief summary comments followed by documentation of verifying research studies:.

Birds and the Earth’s Magnetic Field

Typical effects of radiation from cellular communication antennas on resident, breeding, and migratory birds: site abandonment, feather deformation, locomotion problems, weight loss, weakness, reduced survivorship and death. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service continues to suggest to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and to Congress the pressing need for studies based on cumulative negative effects of RFR exposure on migratory birds under the National Environmental Policy Act..

Manville, A.M., ll. 2007a. Comments of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service submitted electronically to the FCC on 47 CFR Parts 1 and 17, WT Docket No. 03-187, FCC 06-164, Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, “Effects of Communication Towers on Migratory Birds.” February 2, 2007.

Manville, A.M., II. 2007b. U.S. Fish and Wildlife concerns over potential radiation impacts from cellular communication towers on migratory birds and other wildlife- research opportunities. Invited Presentation to “Congressional Staff Briefing on the Environmental and Human Health Effects of Radiofrequency (RF) Radiation,” House Capitol 5, Washington, DC. 16 page PowerPoint presentation. May 10, 2007..

Citing a variety of scientific research, the U.S. Department of the Interior in February of 2014 called on the National Telecommunications and Information Administration of the U.S. Department of Commerce to formulate or modify policies and procedures for cellular communications towers so that they are in conformity with Executive Order 13186 Responsibilities of Federal Agencies to Protect Migratory Birds and do not threaten from the towers’ emissions of RFR the 241 species of endangered or threatened U.S. birds.

In 2003 three conservation organizations filed a lawsuit against the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The groups, Forest Conservation Council, American Bird Conservancy, and Friends of the Earth sought to enjoin the FCC from issuing any new licenses for the building of communication towers in the Gulf Coast region until their impact on migratory birds has been fully assessed and mitigated. The suit cited violations by the FCC of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), and Endangered Species Act (ESA) in the deaths of thousands of migrating birds at towers along the Gulf Coast.

Robins can navigate in the earth’s magnetic field if they receive light from wavelengths absorbed by cryptochromes. This study explored how the human-made frequencies between 01 and 10 MHz at field strengths as little as 0.085 mT (about 500 times weaker than the earth’s magnetic field) made the birds unable to respond to the earth’s magnetic field.

T. Ritz at al. “Resonance effects indicate radical pair mechanism for avian magnetic compass,” Nature, vol. 429 (5/13/2004): 177-180..

Insects and RFR Exposure

In a May 2009 report the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service urged Congress to investigate the potential relationship between wireless devices and honeybee colony collapse.
Bees are positively charged, flowers negatively charged. RFR exposure disturbs the natural orientation and navigation mechanisms of bees and other insects, who use the earth’s magnetic field and light energy to orient and navigate. It makes them restless, develop an urge to swarm, increasingly aggressive, and colony collapse in 62.5% of apiaries.

Bees birds mankindUlrich Warnke, Bees, Birds and Mankind: Effects of Wireless Communication Technologies” (Kentum, 2009) ; and F. Ruzicka, “Schäden durch elektrosmog,” Bienenwelt 10 (2003): 34-35; and 2 additional published studies.
Studies performed in Europe have documented navigational disorientation, lower honey production, and decreased bee survivorship in honeybees due to exposure to RFR from a cell tower within 500 meters (1,635 ft) and 800 meters (2,616 feet).

Harst, W., J. Kuhn, and H. Stever. “Can electromagnetic exposure cause a change in behaviour?”
Studying possible non-thermal influences on honey bees – an approach within the framework of educational informatics,” Acta Systemica-IIAS International Journal vol. 6, no. 1 (2006):1-6l

U. Warnke, “Effects of Electric Charges on Honeybees,” Bee Worldvol. 57, no. 2 (1976): 50-56

Kimmel, S., J. Kuhn, W. Harst, and H. Stever, “Electromagnetic radiation: influences on honeybees (Apis mellifera),” Institute Environmental Sciences, Institute Science and Science Education, and Institute Educational Informatics, Univ. Koblenz-Landau/Campus Landau, Germany (2006)

Exposure to electromagnetic radiation from DECT phone towers (similar to cell phone towers) had deleterious effects on the rate of honeybee egg laying, return to hive, and honey production.

Harst, Wolfgang, et al., “Can Electromagnetic Exposure Cause a Change in Behaviour? Studying possible non-thermal influences on honey bees.” Institute of Science and Science Education (ISSE), Department of Physics, University of Koblenz-Landau/Campus, Landau, Germany. ACTA SYSTEMICA – IIAS International Journal (2006) 6(1): 1-6.

HOney bee banner.

Another important article about Radio-Frequency Radiation and “Dirty Electricity” is by Dr. Mercola. I think our readers at the American Intelligence Media will find this very interesting and helpful.

Dirty Electricity — Stealth Trigger of Disease Epidemics and Lowered Life Expectancy, by Dr. Mercola, May 28, 2017 

Many diseases of civilization, especially cancer, are related to an artifact of electricity: electromagnetic interference (EMI) or “dirty electricity.” Historical data also suggests electrification has lowered life expectancy. EMI is biologically active and affects mitochondrial function, which we’ve now come to appreciate is at the heart of virtually all chronic disease. Cancers appear to be frequency-specific, meaning certain frequencies cause specific cancers.

Did you know that a significant percentage of the diseases we now face is related to an artifact of electricity? In this interview, Dr. Sam Milham, author of “Dirty Electricity: Electrification and the Diseases of Civilization,” explains the health hazards of dirty electricity or electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Milham is a physician and an epidemiologist, and has spent decades (he’s now 85 years old) doing pioneering research in this field. In his book, he details the extensive journey he took to uncover the link between dirty electricity and human disease. In a nutshell, dirty electricity, or more accurately stated, EMI, impacts your biology, specifically your mitochondrial function, which we’ve now come to appreciate is at the heart of virtually all chronic disease.

What Is Dirty Electricity?

Sunlight is a natural or native form of electromagnetic frequency (EMF). There are also four basic non-native or artificial EMF exposures: magnetic, artificial light, electrical and microwave (which includes not only your microwave oven but also cellphones, routers and portable phones).

Dirty electricity refers to the electrical component of this EMF spectrum. A more precise term is electromagnetic interference or EMI. “Dirty” is more of a descriptive layman’s term. But what exactly is EMI and how is it generated?

Milham explains:

“The electric grid began with Edison in 1892 at the Pearl Street Generating Station. It turns out that from the very second he started generating electricity, he was making dirty electricity. The way I know that is because if you read his publications, he had a big problem with his original generators … They had brush arcing. The way they made electricity was by spinning magnets that had brushes to pick up their contact points. All electric motors have brushes. Generators have them. They’re made out of graphite … Arcing and sparking makes dirty electricity, which are really high- frequency electric transients. They come and go. They’re spikey. They have very short latency times. “From the outset of the grid, we’ve been exposed to this. It’s not the 60-cycle stuff. We’re talking about frequencies up in the kilohertz and higher; thousands of cycles per second.”

EMI Microwaves Travel Far and Wide

There are also microwaves, and this is not just your microwave oven, but your portable phone, cellphone and cellphone towers. All transmitters, AM, frequency modulation (FM) and especially cell towers [produce microwaves]. Your cellphone works because there’s a transmitter out there that transmits to you. They all run on DC. Every cell tower in the world has a huge inverter in it to make the DC to run the transmitter, and also to charge the backup batteries. They make dirty electricity by the ton. Lots of schools have cell towers on campus. What they’re doing is they’re bathing the kids [with EMI]. It gets back into the wires; the ground (lot)wires and power wires that service it.

dirty electricityThe grid becomes an antenna for all this dirty electricity. It extends miles downstream … [A Brazilian study] looked at deaths from cancer [and] distance of residence from the base of the cell tower. They got effects out to 500 meters. That’s 1,500 feet. I’ll tell you, the cell tower can’t talk that far. It’s the dirty electricity — the EMI in the grid, in the wires running into your house, through the ground and through your power cords — that’s doing it.

Dirty Electricity Is Biologically Active

Over the 50 years I’ve been doing this, it’s become super clear that EMI or dirty electricity is very biologically active. This is the major cause of all the so-called diseases of civilization. I myself am becoming quite passionate about this issue. I’ve known about dirty electricity or EMI for nearly two decades, but I never fully appreciated the impact it has until I read Milham’s book. Then, the connections suddenly became apparent to me.

For the last year, I’ve been diving deep into the scientific literature of mitochondrial function, and it appears this is how EMI affects your health. In other words, it likely increases mitochondrial free radical damage and contributes to mitochondrial dysfunction. Certainly, other variables contribute to disease as well, such as the processing of food, unbalanced nutrient ratios, pesticide contamination and so on. Still, the impact of EMI may be foolhardy to overlook.

All Solar Panels Generate Dirty Electricity

On a side note, many who use solar panels (photovoltaic panels) are completely unaware of the fact that they are a source of dirty electricity. I’ve had 15 kilowatt solar panels on my home for the last five years. Photovoltaic panels generate direct current (DC), which is essentially unusable in most homes. In order to use the DC current the solar panels generate, you need to use an inverter that converts it to alternating current (AC). The problem is, the inverter used to generate AC is a phenomenal source of dirty electricity. I remediated mine and radically decreased the EMI generated when the inverters are on during the day.

Large, commercial solar arrays have a similar problem. They use inverters —sometimes thousands of them if they’re really big arrays — and they all generate EMI or dirty electricity.

If your utility has an appreciable wind or solar component, it is, by definition, giving you dirty electricity. When I first discovered this business, I went online; I studied commercial sources of photovoltaic inverters … I found this statement which said that all photovoltaic inverters create amplitude modulation (AM) radio interference. What does that tell you? It says it’s all dirty.

EMI connects or affects your biology when it’s on a circuit or in the earth. For example, if you have a solar panel in your house, not all circuits in your house will be hooked up to it. The only circuits affected by EMI will be the ones hooked up to the solar panel inverter. The EMI gets into the ground and can also affect your neighbors.

Chronic EMI Exposure Raises Your Cancer Risk

Once EMI is generated, how far away must you be from the wire in question in order to avoid biological interference? According to Milham, the distance can be quite significant. In many cases, entire areas of ground can be a source of EMI, raising the current in your body.

About three years ago, Martin H. Graham and Dave Stetzer, who pioneered and studied this field and trained me … sent me an off-the-shelf fluke multimeter, which measures volts, amps and ohms. He showed me how to use it to measure current in my body. That’s been a mindblower … I put an electrocardiogram (EKG) patch on my chest for one lead … and the other goes to an electrical outlet ground … It then measures the current in my body …The meter comes with everything you need. All you’ve got to do is take a 12-gauge wire and put a three-prong plug on it, where you only contact the round plug. That’s attached to your black electrode. That’s for the ground. The red one goes to your EKG patch on your chest (or to your mouth).

I find that just walking on the pavement in an area, I could get very, very high, probably carcinogenic fields of current in my body. We’re talking millivolts [and] microamps…

The National Institutes of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) studied this years ago. They concluded that 18 microamps is sufficient to put enough voltage in your body to give you cancer with chronic exposure. You want to keep [your body current] under 18 microamps. The higher it is, the worse it is … I find 200 to 300 microamps in lots of places, just standing on the floor … One of my favorite places is a local farmers market here. Last year, I was horrified to find out that just walking or standing in that place, I was putting 200 microamps of current into my body 2 …

I was sitting at a Hewlett-Packard laptop and was measuring myself. I just touched the case of the laptop and found it was putting 80 microamps into my body. I finally got rid of it by putting a USB to an outlet ground. That fixes it.

Beware of Fluorescent and LED Lights

Milham also discovered that almost all non-incandescent lighting puts high current into your body, directly from the light. This includes fluorescents, compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) and light emitting diodes (LED) light bulbs. Dr. Alexander Wunsch, a world class expert on photobiology, details many of the health hazards associated with LED lights, but the dirty electricity component is yet another reason to avoid these types of light bulbs in your home and office space.

As noted by Milham: “This explains a lot. I started doing occupational mortality [investigations] 30 years ago … I was puzzled as to why the highest cancer rates [occur in] teachers, professors and office workers. Why is melanoma more common in people who work indoors than outdoors? Why is it more common in teachers and professors than in lifeguards or farmers? Why do you get it on parts of your body that never see the sun? It’s due to [nonnative artificial] EMF, as I’ve been measuring in schools and colleges. There’s just no place to hide.”

In the 1950s, photobiologist John Ott studied children in a Florida school who had attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. He believed these kinds of behavioral problems were associated with the fluorescent lighting, and was able to improve the children’s condition by placing an EMF-blocking wire mesh screen in front of the lights that was then grounded. This and other findings are discussed in Ott’s book, “Health and Light: The Effects of Natural and Artificial Light on Man and Other Living Things.”

Male Breast Cancer — A Sentinel for EMI Exposure

Interestingly, Milham’s work suggests cancers are frequency-specific, 3 meaning certain frequencies cause specific cancers. He also notes that male breast cancer is a sentinel for EMI exposure, just like mesothelioma is a sentinel for asbestos exposure. Unfortunately, few are willing to take the issue seriously.

Milham was also involved in an investigation at La Quinta Middle School in Palm Springs. Teachers were convinced an environmental problem was at fault for an epidemic of cancer among the staff. In all, 18 teachers at the school had developed cancer. Other schools in the system had at most two or three cases. The superintendent of the school hired an expert from the local tumor registry (cancer institute), who informed the teachers that their cancers were due to sun exposure.

Milham initially spent months trying to contact the school, to no avail. The superintendent told him they were satisfied with the answers they’d received. Eventually, at the request of the teachers, he was allowed into the school for two nights to investigate, yet shortly thereafter, he was accused of criminal trespassing by the school district. They simply did not want him to get involved. The state teacher’s association stonewalled him as well.

Historical Data Reveal Public Health Impact of Electrification

Clearly, there’s a strong negative incentive against this type of information. What intrigued me is that when Milham did his initial analysis and historical review, he found a strong correlation between electrification and mortality from cancer, including female breast cancer and childhood leukemia — and this data dates back to 1900!

By the turn of the century, most big cities in the world had electricity, while rural areas didn’t catch up until the mid-‘50s. So, for half a century there were two large United States populations covered by a good vital record system of deaths and births. One population group was exposed to electricity and the other wasn’t. When you compare these two groups, you discover some truly amazing differences in vital statistics. “At the turn of the century, if you lived in New York City or most of the other cities in the country, your average life expectancy was low-50s. If you were Amish and didn’t use electricity or if you lived in rural Mississippi or rural New York State, your longevity was in the 70s.

Fast forward to the 1930s … the urban cancer [mortality] was 50 to 80 percent higher than the rural cancer mortality. That’s enough to blow your mind. It’s internally consistent. Today, the risks are greater than ever before, thanks to ground currents. The electric grid in the U.S. is called a grounded Wye grid, designed for protection against lighting. The neutral center taps of their transformers are connected to the earth by a wire. In the U.S. about 80 percent of the current delivered to loads like motors and lights returns to the substation via the earth. Dairy farmers were among the first to sound the alarm that something was wrong. In the 1970s, they noticed cows were dying, weren’t producing milk and had trouble reproducing.

Stetzer, Graham and others did a study in which they identified the parts of the EMF spectrum that impact milk production in cows. Interestingly, their findings reveal milk production is affected by certain harmonics at multiples of 60 Hz. At these intervals, frequencies have a harmful effect on the cows. Chances are, the same applies to human beings.

Biological Mechanisms of EMI

As mentioned, dirty electricity or EMI are high-frequency electric transients and harmonics that come and go. These aberrant peaks in frequency are emitted quite a distance, typically greater than 10 feet. This means that if you’re within range, these frequencies can resonate with your body, causing some biological effect. One suggested mechanism of harm is related to the production of a reactive nitrogen species (RNS) called perioxynitrate. Evidence also suggests it can affect mitochondrial function, which I believe is a major mechanism of harm. More generally speaking, EMI acts as a biological stressor. In one of Milham’s studies, he showed that by cleaning up the electrical environment, they were able to reduce the production of stress hormones. He’s also shown that by filtering dirty electricity from a library, the levels of neurotransmitters in people spending time in the library were beneficially altered.

Milham also cites a study by two German researchers, who were able to demonstrate that the installation of a cellphone tower in a previously pristine valley produced long-term changes in a wide variety of measurable hormones, including stress hormones.

More Information

If you’re intrigued by this information and want to learn more, be sure to pick up a copy of “Dirty Electricity: Electrification and the Diseases of Civilization.” You can also find more information, including copies of Milham’s research papers and scientific reports on his website, SamMilham.com.

I’ve also provided a number of those papers as supporting references throughout this article.

From my perspective, there’s no doubt dirty electricity is triggering and/or exacerbating chronic disease, and if you care about your health and longevity, I urge you to face this information head on, disturbing and discouraging as it may be. While it may be impossible to avoid all EMI exposure, there are ways to limit and minimize your exposure inside your home and, potentially, at work. Doing so may go a long way toward protecting your and your family’s health over the long term.


For readers who want to know what they can do to protect themselves and their families from the harmful effects of EMFs and 5G, please see the link below. But NOTHING, absolutely nothing, is more important than citizens to demand that all further progress on rolling out 5G must stop IMMEDIATELY. We have a lot of research that needs to be done before killing the birds, bees, and humanity.


SOURCE with thanks https://patriots4truth.org/2018/02/04/how-5g-will-kill-the-birds-bees-and-your-loved-ones/

Internet Of Things: Fascism by another name powered by 5G

How to Antidote EMFs and 5G

Getting the Heavy Metals Out of Your Body

In the audio, Betsy and Thomas speak about heavy metals in the body acting as an antenna for 5G and the dangerous metals and chemicals in chemtrails, not to mention the accumulation of pharmaceuticals and other poisons that haven’t been flushed from your liver, tissue and blood, accumulating year by year, over decades.

READ more at https://patriots4truth.org/2018/01/31/how-to-antidote-5g/

Doreen Ann Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse

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Are You Eating These 8 Nutrients That Block Cancer Metastasis?

If cancer scares you, replace fear with facts and best nutrition

Article Summary

Diet plays a major role in both the prevention of cancer and the contributing factors of cancer growth and cancer metastasis. In fact, 75%-85% of cancers diagnosed in one study in the United States showed that unhealthy lifestyle factors were the primary causes of these diagnosis and may have been prevented with improved dietary changes. Researchers believe that 30% of deaths associated with cancer today can be prevented from diet alone.

  • Diet plays a major role in both the prevention of cancer and the contributing factors of cancer growth and cancer metastasis.
  • Researchers believe that 30% of deaths associated with cancer today can be prevented from diet alone.
  • The phytochemicals in plant-based foods contain some of the best known chemoprotective (cancer-preventing) properties.
  • The following 8 nutrients are some of the best dietary compounds you can introduce into your daily diet:

8-nutrition-Block-Cancer-MetastasisREAD the entire article at https://thetruthaboutcancer.com/nutrients-block-cancer-metastasis/?gl=5a6b7a44595c974012e90467

Distinguished Vitamin D [#2] – natural sunshine

There is 25% less sunlight reaching Earth now compared to the 1990s due to planes discharging chemicals 24/7 containing aluminum, barium, strontium, and other toxins that block or deflect the sun, contaminate the soil, crops, water, and air we breathe.

Called many names including chemtrails, geoengineering the weather, stratospheric aerosol injection, etc., aerial spraying chemicals exacerbates climate change. This fact is  omitted by scientists and the beast system that funds them because climate change is not primarily caused by humans, and the carbon control matrix is simply another tax grab.

The facts determine the fate of humans not illusion or delusion.

Please share life preserving information with others. Thank you.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse

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Visual Proof Fluoride Kills Brain Cells – check your toothpaste

Fluoride is just one of many silent weapons

A family member with memory lapses recently visited from out-of-town. When we examined their Colgate toothpaste it contained fluoride, which prompted me to retrieve the following video and transcript to share and emphasize that fluoride, like other silent weapons, needs to be acknowledged and replaced with healthy alternatives.

The first 5 minutes is a narration and graphic record of fluoride killing brain cells. Despite negative press about Dr. Hodge in his earlier years, there is a plethora of evidence that fluoride is poisonous to humans.  Doreen

Video transcript

Dr. Harold Hodge a distinguished toxicologist on the Rochester team, has carefully investigated the safety of Fluoridation. To put it very simply, fluoride is safe at one part per million.

00:20 mins Narration of a film illustrating how fluoride kills brain cells
Where the fluorine has just been introduced there is a distinct stimulation of all the cells as they react to the poison. This, we take to be a defense mechanism. Then things begin to slow up and reproduction is definitely inhibited.

00:52 mins
Here is another demonstration of the destruction of cells by a profusion of one part in 30 million. Notice the swelling of the mitochondria in the body of the cells.

Notice the compaction of the material in the center or vital spot, which we call the nucleus of the cells. That too is evidence of injury. Note the swelling of the membranes around the cells. This makes it impossible for them to absorb foodstuff.

Note they’re shriveling up now. There are no cells dividing, all is becoming still. Most of the cells are dead or dying. This demonstrates the toxicity of this material

02:08 mins
In summary, I wish to make it very clear again that this film you have just seen is a graphic record of what we and doctors Barry and Joelwood [?] have seen in our cultures when they were perfused with dilute solutions of sodium fluoride.

This film itself is presented here only to show that mammalian cells and tissue cultures can be and are damaged by fluorides, and some even killed when their contact with sodium fluoride is in the concentration of one part in 30 million, and we do have photographic records showing almost the same thing in one part in 60 million.

Placing sodium fluoride and these concentrations may not be toxic enough to kill the cells or to destroy an organ or possibly the individual himself. Nevertheless in human body such poisons are subtle, insidious, and if prolonged over months and years, as in this case where fluoridated water is being used, chronic disorders and upsets of functioning in one or more of the vital organs may ensue.

Altered manifestations of such toxic effects may not be apparent at the time to the victim or to his physician but the constant drinking of fluoridated water may bring about a gradual accumulation of damaged and scarred tissue in the various organs, resulting in the production of many vague complaints in some or in nearly all parts of the body. This makes it most difficult for the physician to diagnose unless one is very alert to the effects of fluoridated water and its consumption.

4:00 mins
To sum up all this, one is forced to conclude that the safety of fluoridation has not yet been proved. The experiments that you have just seen, cast most serious doubt on the safety of fluoridation. We feel compelled to agree with the Congressional Committee on food and drugs and chemicals, who after extensive investigations under the Honorable James J. Delaney of New York way back some years ago 1952, questioned the safety of fluoridation and urged caution, and above all they emphasized the need for more research even before anyone would consider fluoridation. To all this we most heartily do agree. The proponents of fluoridation have not produced this research. The safety of fluoridation still needs to be proved and we made this film from over 24,000 photographs in continuity under the microscope at intervals of exactly 39 seconds between each film to bring you this demonstration of toxic effects of fluoridation. We have only begun our research into the effects of drinking fluoridated water. We ask for your support. End of video.

5:17 mins screen text reads WAKE: UP

Dr. Russell Blaylock states:
We’re developing a society because of all these different toxins known to affect brain function. We’re seeing a society that not only has a lot more people of lower IQ but a lot fewer people of higher IQ. in other words a dumbing down, a chemical dumbing down of society so everyone is sort of mediocre, which leaves them dependent on government because they can’t excel.

We have these people of lower IQ who are totally dependent. Then we have this mass of people who are going to believe anything they’re told because they can’t really think clearly, and very few people of very high IQ have good cognitive function who can figure this all out and that’s what they want.

So you can piece it together as to why they are so insistent in spending so many hundreds of millions of dollars of propaganda mind to dumb down society. [6:13 mins = images of major mainstream media logos FOX, CNN, ABC]

Mainstream media subliminal programming?

6:25 mins FOX LIVE Geraldo Rivera [GR] and announcers:
6:38 mins screen text reads: 9/11 skeptics are terrorists.

7:00 mins [HARDBALL] mainstream media commentator states:
If China were to revalue its currency or  start making say toys that don’t have lead in them, or food that isn’t poisonous, their costs of production are going to go up, and that means prices at Walmart here in the United States are going to go up too. So I would say China is our greatest friend right now. They’re keeping prices low. 7:14 screen text reads Poison Food Is Good!

7:22 mins Medical Watch mainstream media commentator states:
Mercury containing vaccines may help, not harm kids, according to two new studies in the journal Pediatrics African-Americans.

7:27 mins Talking Points with O’Reilly mainstream media comments
It is our duty as loyal Americans to shut up once the fighting begins. Once the war against Saddam begins we expect every American to support our military and if they can’t do that – shut up. 7:40 screen text reads SHUT UP!

7:58 mins FOX guest states:
What is FOX News? It’s just a parade of propaganda. It’s a festival of ignorance. A billion people are dead in Iraq? Come on this is ridiculous. What’s the point of this?


8:47 mins [image of children being inoculated]

Commentator: Many infectious diseases can be brought completely under control when vaccination against them is practiced universally.

Rick Sylvester FULL FOCUS – states: We want people to be more educated because we don’t feel like the truth is being told about thimerasol, about vaccines and about the harm it’s doing to our children.

9:06 mins Dr. Kurt Woeller D.O. http://drwoeller.com states
People have to realize that these flu vaccines contain thimerasol. Thimerasol is a mercury preservative which has been directly linked to the autism epidemic that we have seen burst onto the scene over the past 10-15 years.

Female commentator ‘Channel 2’ states:
Dr. Kurt Woeller believes the preservative is fueling a sharp rise in autism.  1 in 5,000 children had the developmental disorder in 1987. In 2004, 1 in 166 kids lives with autism, an increase in the amount of thimerasol injected into their bodies.

Dr. Boyd Halley is a mercury poisoning expert at the University of Kentucky. He believes it is possible that thimerasol could be responsible for neurological brain damage especially for children who don’t naturally get mercury out of their system.

9:58 mins Dr. Boyd Halley states
It’s one of the most toxic compounds I know of. I mean I can’t think of anything that’s absolutely more lethal.

10:04 mins
You can see that in this University of Calgary experiment. Mercury quickly destroys this neuron. [live video]

10:10 mins Dr. Kurt Woeller states
It’s really medical insanity still allowing this neurotoxin that has damaged thousands and thousands of kids. I’m really sick and tired of seeing one kid after the next come through my office who I know clear cut has been damaged by thimerasol in their vaccines.

10:30 mins Dr. Mark Sawyer FULL FOCUS states
Thimerasol is a preservative. It’s been in vaccines for decades so literally hundreds of millions of people have received thimerasol.

10:40 mins Robert F. Kennedy Jr. author ‘Deadly Immunity’ LIVE NBC – states
As it turns out, we are injecting our children with 400 times the amount of mercury that FDA or EPA considers safe. A child on its first day he is born is injected with a hepatitis B shot. Under EPA guidelines he would be have to have to be 275 pounds to safely absorb shot.

Commentator: For years science didn’t support suspicions about the preservative but recently the National Autism Association used CDC’s own data to conclude children are 27 times more likely to develop autism with exposure to mercury containing vaccine.

11:14 mins Michael Petruccelli
99% of the public doesn’t even realize that mercury is being used as a preservative and the vaccinations that they’re taking themselves and giving their children. So in essence they’re just blindly lining up to get flu shots.

11:31 mins screen text reads FLUORIDE: GET HEM FOR LIFE

11:42 male commentator [Alex Jones?] states:
Edward L Bernays is regarded by many as the father of public relations. He was born in Vienna Austria. Bernays was the nephew of Sigmund Freud. Bernays pioneered the use of psychology and other social sciences to design public persuasion campaigns. He published several scholarly works still used in universities worldwide today, and he also spirited the national campaign to fluoridate the water supply of America through the fluoridationists of the public health service.

12: 21 mins TodayTonight commentator states:
This is one pollutant that we captured in the phosphate fertilizer industry and having captured it we can’t dump it into the sea but we put it into our own drinking water. This is extraordinary.

Another male commentator states:
Water fluoride in our water supply is a very real and ever-present risk to our population at large.
12:40 mins Mainstream media dialogue
Dennis, let’s make sure we’re clear on this. Fluoride is in tea, coffee, water, breads and toothpaste but it’s actually a poison right?

12:48 mins Mainstream media dialogue response from ‘Dennis’
It sure is and here’s the quickest evidence. Go to your bathroom and pick up your own toothpaste and you’ll see a warning that if a child swallows more than a pea-sized amount of toothpaste call poison control.

13:01 Testimony
The protected pollutant status that fluoride enjoys with an EPA and other federal establishments is remarkable. As the charts over here show.

13:10 mins ABC News commentator states
Last November concerns over excess fluoride prompted the American Dental Association to warn parents not to mix baby formula with tap water during an infant’s first 12 months.

Another male commentator states:
Phyllis Mullenix found that fluoride in very modest doses produces effects in laboratory animals resembling attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder.

Phyllis Mullenix states
He says ‘Do you have any idea what you’re saying? You’re telling us that we’re reducing the IQ of children?” and basically I said yes. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/7760776

13:42 mins mainstream media ‘Channel 4’ male commentator states:
Scientists like Nobel Prize winner Arvid Carlsson and a large group of EPA scientists have called for the banning of fluoride because we don’t know how much we’re ingesting so we don’t know if we’re being poisoned.

13: 56 mins ABC News female commentator states
Fluoride can also build up in the bones to cause pain, stiff joints, and skeletal abnormalities when they get older.

14:02 mins ABC News male commentator states
It’s a cumulative poison. It just gradually builds up and it gradually causes harm.

14:09 mins unknown male commentator
Know when fluoride was first put in drinking water? In the Nazi concentration camps. The following is from Charles Perkins, a chemist who wrote to the Lee Foundation for nutritional research, Milwaukee Wisconsin in 1954, and this is what he wrote:

“In the 1930s, Hitler and the German Nazi`s envisioned a world to be dominated and controlled by a Nazi philosophy of pan-Germanism. The German chemists worked out a very ingenious and far-reaching plan of mass-control which was submitted to and adopted by the German General Staff. This plan was to control the population in any given area through mass medication of drinking water supplies. By this method they could control the population in whole areas, reduce population by water medication that would produce sterility in women, and so on. In this scheme of mass-control, sodium fluoride occupied a prominent place. … http://www.mmpress.info/charles_perkins_letter.htm 

That’s what it’s about. Research the facts for yourself.  End of the video.

Sources of fluoride

Fluoride can be found in bottled water, tap water depending on where you live, toothpaste, Teflon pans, etc. Safeguard yourself with applied knowledge http://fluoridealert.org/issues/sources/

Doreen Ann Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse

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Broken Brain – Free Docu-series

This documentary is 100% about YOU

Beginning on January 17, 2018

Broken Brain is a powerful documentary series that addresses the root causes of a terrifying and growing epidemic that ranges from Alzheimer’s, dementia, brain injuries, ADHD, autism, depression, anxiety, concussions, and everything in between.

For 8-Days Only watch this FREE docuseries that reveals what conditions like Alzheimer’s, Dementia, ADHD, Autism, Depression, Anxiety, and Brain Fog have in common. Plus, practical steps to help you (and your loved ones) optimize your brain function – and reclaim your health, energy + mental clarity.

In every episode of Broken Brain: take a deep dive with the top brain experts in the world who will provide real tools and the latest information, research, and solutions.

Register free here 

This is your starting point and probably one of the greatest resources on brain health you will ever have access to.

Be sure to set aside at least an hour per day to watch each episode and make notes, you’ll be glad you did.

With 1.1 BILLION lives disrupted by broken brains, you can’t afford to miss a moment.


Evidence builds that dirty air causes Alzheimer’s, dementia

By Emily Underwood

A growing number of epidemiological studies from around the world, new findings from animal models, human brain imaging studies, and increasingly sophisticated techniques for modeling PM2.5 exposures have raised alarms. Indeed, in an 11-year epidemiological study to be published in Translational Psychiatry, USC researchers will report that living in places with PM2.5 exposures higher than the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) standard of 12 µg/m3 nearly doubled dementia risk in older women. If the finding holds up in the general population, air pollution could account for roughly 21% of dementia cases worldwide, says the study’s senior author, epidemiologist Jiu-Chiuan Chen of the Keck School of Medicine at USC.

Deepening the concerns, researchers at the University of Toronto in Canada reported in The Lancet that among 6.6 million people in the province of Ontario, those living within 50 meters of a major road—where levels of fine pollutants are often 10 times higher than just 150 meters away—were 12% more likely to develop dementia than people living more than 200 meters away.

SOURCE with thanks http://www.sciencemag.org/news/2017/01/brain-pollution-evidence-builds-dirty-air-causes-alzheimer-s-dementia

We reap what we sow positively and negatively so please take a moment to share with others. Thank you.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse

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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Throws Down the Gauntlet

“Government officials and Congress have (all) been corrupted by huge influxes of money from the pharmaceutical industry…” Public silence makes us complicit.

Deus Nexus

Makes Major Announcement That Could Shake Up The Vaccine Industry As We Know It

AltHealt Works | by

rfk jr vaccine

The vaccine industry has been able to keep a tremendous amount of information hidden from its customer base, and the general public for that matter, for years.

But now the truth is finally coming to light: regardless of whatever benefits they may provide, today’s vaccines are being implicated for causing harm across a wide spectrum of people in the United States, who are suffering without the ability to hold those in power responsible.

The numbers don’t lie: nearly $3.6 billion in compensation has been paid out to vaccine injury victims through a court-created system established in 1986, when vaccine makers were officially granted legal immunity from being sued, even in cases where their products have caused serious harm.

According to some estimates, including one cited by the World Mercury Project…

View original post 1,059 more words

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The Sun’s Benefits Go Way Beyond Vitamin D

25% less sunlight reaching Earth now compared to the 1990s

June 28, 2017
By John Naish, contributing writer for PreventDisease.com

The sun has got his hat on, our moods feel lighter and we are gripped by a desire to soak up some solar rays. But no, we keep being told: the threat of skin cancer makes this potentially lethal.

Now, however, scientists are discovering a positive side to sun-worshipping. Getting a good dose of sunshine is statistically going to make us live longer, healthier and happier lives.

Emerging research indicates that sunlight may protect us against a wide range of lethal or disabling conditions, such as obesity, heart attacks, strokes, asthma, and multiple sclerosis. Sunshine has also been shown to boost our libidos and general mood.

This is not simply about vitamin D — which our skin manufactures from sunlight. The vitamin helps us build healthy bones and teeth and may protect against bowel cancer. But new research indicates that solar rays benefit our bodies in multiple other ways.

Scientists now believe, for example, that exposure to sun prompts our bodies to produce nitric oxide, a chemical that helps protect our cardiovascular system — and the feelgood brain-chemical serotonin.


A major clue about sunshine’s benefits has emerged from a study of nearly 30,000 Swedish women whose sunbathing habits have been followed for 20 years.

In March, investigators from the world-renowned Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, concluded that avoiding the sun is actually as bad for you as smoking.

The study, in the Journal of Internal Medicine, found that 1.5 women in 100 who reported they had the highest exposure to ultraviolet light (by sunbathing up to once a day) were found to have died during the two decades, compared with three in 100 for women who said they had avoided sunbathing.

The avid sunbathers had a significantly lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease and other conditions that were not related to cancer, the research explains.

Dr Pelle Lindqvist, the epidemiologist who led the study, says the research also found that: ‘Non-smokers who avoided the sun had a life expectancy similar to smokers in the highest sun exposure group, indicating that avoiding the sun is a risk factor for death of a similar magnitude to smoking.’


Dr Richard Weller, senior lecturer in dermatology at Edinburgh University, last year published a report in the journal Maturitas warning that older people in particular need to get into the sun more. ‘Advice on healthy sun exposure needs to be reconsidered,’ he urges. ‘The older population are particularly sun-deprived as shown by low blood levels of vitamin D and lack of outdoor activity.’

He adds that there is a reduction in cardiovascular disease and deaths from all causes with increased sun exposure. Two years ago, Dr Weller’s team established that exposure to sunlight may lower people’s blood pressure and thus cut their risk of heart attack and stroke. This benefit has nothing to do with vitamin D.

Instead, it is due to the fact that when our skin is exposed to the sun a compound — called nitric oxide — is released in our blood vessels which in turn lowers blood pressure by causing blood vessels to widen.

Dr Weller told Good Health: ‘It also appears that sunlight alters the way that our genes behave. Last year, Cambridge University scientists showed that the expression of 28 per cent of our entire genetic make-up varies from season to season.’


The Cambridge investigators reported in the journal Nature Communications that in winter we increase the activity of inflammatory immune-system genes — to combat infectious bugs — and in summer we increase the activity of anti-inflammatory genes.

Chronic inflammation is linked to modern epidemics such as heart attacks, diabetes and cancer. Such inflammation results from our immune systems fighting infectious invaders. But this comes at a cost — as the tissue damage caused by long-term inflammation can itself cause disease. The Cambridge research indicates that sunlight may prompt our bodies to switch down the inflammatory response.

‘As well as nitric oxide and gene expression, I think there will be other factors that we have yet to discover,’ says Dr Weller.

‘There is a correlation between more sun and less disease in a variety of conditions such as multiple sclerosis and atherosclerosis (where arteries are clogged by fatty substances known as atheroma).’

However, the causal link is yet to be shown.


Scientists are discovering sunlight may even help us keep slim and healthy, according to studies by the Universities of Southampton and Edinburgh that kept mice on high-fat diets while they were exposed to the spectrum of ultraviolet light found in sunshine.

The results show that ultraviolet radiation may suppress the development of obesity and the symptoms of type 2 diabetes. These benefits were again independent of the effects of vitamin D, the researchers report in the journal Diabetes in 2014. Instead they believe the effects are again as a result of the sun boosting production of nitric oxide. The suggestion is that without enough nitric oxide in the bloodstream, insulin may not work properly, allowing diabetes to set in.

Other research indicates that being exposed to plentiful sunlight may reduce our risk of stroke.

Epidemiologists have used weather-satellite records to determine how much sunlight more than 16,000 people living across the U.S. individually experienced over a period of 15 years.

The University of Alabama analysis revealed that the more sunshine someone experienced, the lower their risk of stroke. The study in the journal, Annals of Neurology in 2013, called for further research.

We all tend to feel happier when the sun is out, and this is not simply a matter of morale. Research shows that the main wavelength of light in sunlight stimulates sensors in our retina which regulate our body clock. This in turn regulates the amount of melatonin, the sleep hormone,that our bodies release.

Studies such as a report by Sweden’s Uppsala University last month in the journal PLOS One show disruption of melatonin levels is linked to depression, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.


Lack of sunlight has physical effects on children, too. A study by the Australian Research Council’s Centre of Excellence in Vision Science in 2009 found those who spend most of their time indoors have a significantly increased incidence of ‘high myopia’.

The researchers believe that the neurotransmitter dopamine is responsible. It is known to inhibit the excessive eyeball growth that causes myopia. Sunshine causes the retina to release more dopamine.

Sunlight also lifts men’s libidos, according to an Austrian study of 2,299 men published in 2010.

Hormone experts at the University of Gratz discovered that the men’s levels of the male sex hormone testosterone peak in the month of August, and fall in the winter, hitting their lowest levels in March.


Could such physical benefits actually outweigh the risk of developing skin cancer?

The official NHS guidance clearly says not. ‘There is no safe or healthy way to get a tan from sunlight,’ it states, adding that we should try to stay in the shade between 11am and 3pm from March to October, to cover up with suitable clothing and sunglasses during these times, and to use at least SPF15 sunscreen.

Dr Weller acknowledges that people who live in sunnier climates have more skin cancer, because solar radiation mutates DNA and generates free radicals that may cause cancers to develop.

But, he argues, we have no proof that sunlight shortens life.

‘In fact, the epidemiology suggests that overall, people who have more sunlight tend to live longer, even though their population gets more skin cancer.’

Dr Weller is supported by Martin Feelisch, the professor of experimental medicine at Southampton University who has also been studying sunshine’s role in keeping us healthy — in particular the effect of sunlight-stimulated nitric oxide to protect our cardiovascular systems by lowering blood pressure.

Professor Feelisch warns that avoiding sunlight or using sunblock constantly could be a new risk factor for heart disease — and more people die from heart disease than skin cancer. ‘We believe current public health advice, which is dominated by concerns of skin cancer, needs to be carefully reassessed,’ he argues. ‘It’s time to look at the balance of risk for skin cancer and cardiovascular disease.’

He does not recommend, however, that we spend hours sunbathing.

Meanwhile, Dr Lindqvist, the author of the new Swedish study, says: ‘We know in our population, there are three big lifestyle factors [that endanger health]: smoking, being overweight, and inactivity.

‘Now we know there is a fourth — avoiding sun exposure.’


We should also be more sparing in our use of sunscreen as it may block the benefits of sunshine, Dr Lindqvist says. ‘If you’re using it to be out longer in the sun, you’re using it in the wrong manner.

However, if you are stuck on a boat and have to be out, it’s probably better to have sunscreen than not to have it.’

Thanks to our new scientific appreciation of sun, the balance does seem to need redressing towards enjoying it in healthy moderation.

SOURCE with thanks http://energyfanatics.com/2017/06/28/suns-benefits-go-way-beyond-vitamin-d/

Unlike robots humans need sunlight so why allow the sun to be blocked?

From Doreen
Unalienable rights are stolen at birth by a birth certificate.
Sunlight is stolen by chemical trails discharged from planes that block blue sky and sun. Artificial life sprayed in chemtrails steal our well-being, safe food, water, and air.


Record the number of days blue sky and sunlight are blocked by a canopy of haze above your head. Or, record the number of days you see blue sky between fluffy moving clouds, and sunlight. The facts speak for themselves.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse

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