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This Blog pulls back the curtain for people seeking fact based truth that leads to greater well-being and freedom. Subscribe free for resources to raise awareness, boost your immunity, and strengthen resolve to empower greater possibilities!

Did you know that GMO refers to foods that have been genetically modified, most of which are NOT labelled GMO? Unless you see a NON-GMO label on food packages chances are the food has been genetically altered, and like it or not, you own the risk of eating them.

Store codes on fresh fruits and vegetables

GMO FREE food codes begin with # 9 so remember 9 MAKE IT MINE

GMO genetically modified food codes begin with # 4 so remember 4 TO THE FLOOR

This Blog invites you to experience greater health through self governance, which means taking full responsibility for your level of awareness and freewill choices.

The Non -GMO Project

In 2005, Monsanto purchased ‘Siemens Seeds’ the largest seed company that also sells to ‘organic’ farmers suggesting GMO seeds may find their way into organic foods. http://newfarm.rodaleinstitute.org/features/2005/0205/seminisbuy/


Almost all CORN is genetically modified primarily because it is used in such a wide variety of products, including finishing feed for cattle.

100% of sugar beets in America are GMO and so is 90% of US Inc. soybeans. http://gmo-awareness.com/avoid-list/gmo-sodas  [Add Canada Dry ginger ale to that list]

Today, 25% less sunlight reaches Earth than in the 90’s due to toxic chemicals discharged from planes world-wide 24/7, an inhumane act on populations that exacerbates global climate change, which is conveniently ignored by the Vatican, and satanic forces controlling Earth.

Explore with us the latest science about the heart’s brain, the human brain, its limitations and extraordinary potential.

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Doreen Ann Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse

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