Special Report: Never Fear Cancer Again

The truth about cancer

According to G. Edward Griffin ‘The Truth About Cancer’ is a powerful event with 40 expert speakers in the fields of natural and alternative health a.k.a. ‘reality medicine’. They share every new therapy and protocol they know for healing cancer naturally. You can watch any of the 40 speakers you missed  or re-watch your favorite session again and go deeper into the information. Video replay has ended https://go2.thetruthaboutcancer.com/2017-live-event/watch/

Cancer industry admits chemo and radiation treatments generate huge repeat business and repeat profits

Cancer industry

By Julie Wilson

Second cancers are on the rise in the United States, according to a new study, which found that one in five new cases involve someone who has had the disease before. The study also found that second cancers, which don’t include reoccurring cancers, but are a completely new type of cancer, have increased 300 percent since the 1970s.

First-time cancers have also spiked, increasing 70 percent in the same time frame. READ more at https://realfarmacy.com/cancer-chemo-radiation-repeat-profit/

Go To Work!

By Arlene R. Taylor PhD Realizations Inc.

Each patient carries his own doctor inside — we are at our best when we give the doctor within us a chance to go to work. Albert Schweitzer MD.

Studies show how you can give the doctor within you a chance to go to work reducing angiogenesis. READ more at http://arlenetaylor.org/files/English/Angiogenesis-and-Cancer.pdf

Never Fear Cancer Again: The Revolutionary Holistic Solution to Turn Off Cancer Cells (Never Be)


Alternatives for health conscious individuals


All illness has a spiritual/energetic origin

In the Western world our doctors go through almost a decade of schooling, and in that time they become masters of human biology, anatomy, and physiology. They become adept at understanding disease, and diagnosing all forms of illness, yet in a large majority of cases, what is their prescription? Drugs or Surgery.

All illness has a spiritual/energetic origin. When you do not cleanse your human energy field your energetic field becomes distorted, stagnant, and impure. It becomes extremely imbalanced and charged with low-energy vibrations which cause disease in mind, and spirit, and eventually in our bodies. But why?

The reason why this occurs is because one of the major functions of our DNA is that it receives and transmits energy. This has been shown to be one of the major functions of ‘junk DNA’ (which make up about 95% of the human genome) which is what it was called before they understood what it was all about, but now it is beginning to be shown as an essential component of our biology and DNA.

One of the new discoveries in DNA as Bruce Lipton talks about is epigenetic control, which means literally “above-genetic” control. Thus the new understanding of DNA is that the genes which our DNA codes is dictated as a response to the environment. In essence we are in a perpetual process of adaptation, which means that we have the potential for continuous evolution in our environment, moreover, spontaneous evolution.

More specifically, what is it that our DNA responds to in order to determine the nature of our environment?

READ more at http://www.corespirit.com/the-human-energy-field-and-dna/

Communities Rising’: Educational Documentary Exposes Growing Health Crisis

Watch and share this inspiring story that shows what is possible when one human being takes a stand for what they believe. Ignored by media, Zen Honeycutt and Moms Across America bring to light an epidemic health crisis facing us all, and how to empower positive change.

To optimize health read food labels, avoid GMO and known toxic ingredients, raise your awareness and do your inner work. https://www.naturalnews.com/2017-09-28-groundbreaking-study-reveals-20-of-all-deaths-caused-by-junk-food-and-toxic-food-ingredients.html

Power does not seek those who are virtuous, power belongs to those who reach for it

Please share widely to raise awareness and allow people to heal from extreme assault on our health: GMO food, toxic water, air, environmental contaminants, harmful chemical trails discharged from aircraft 24/7, wireless technology, and other silent weapons engineered to alter human DNA.  https://ourgreaterdestiny.wordpress.com/2017/08/31/the-role-of-aluminum-in-changing-human-biology-to-accept-the-ionized-atmosphere-we-live-in/

Thank you.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse


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Author, Radio Host, Researcher, Editor, Projector of Natural Law, Doreen Agostino synthesizes facts to purify the past, remedy present limitations, and co-create a fair, care, share future.
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