We’re being fed a bunch of bullshit by the government and the media

Evidence trumps troll dis-information

Monday, 17 October 2016

Comment by smfresh82

I think it is extremely crucial that people grasp the severity of this issue and all the details involved. There’s some pieces of the puzzle that when connected even the most of blind sheep would see the sinister agenda of this vaccine insanity.

Now before I go any further I just want to state that I am not a doctor or claiming to be an expert in any field. I do however have 13 years experience as a paralegal working in firms specializing in medical malpractice, personal injury, insurance defense, healthcare administration. I’ve also worked for DOC & Anthem. I also wanted to mention that I think it’s time we start asking ourselves who we consider to be “professionals” and “experts” and why we just take their words for it. You do not need any college degree to read the numerous scientific studies on these things and realize we’re being fed a bunch of bullshit by the gov’t and the media.

I do believe that the career path I have been on allowed me to see things most of the public never will. I remember one of my first med mal cases I was doing research and came across the fact that congress passed a bill to eliminate liability for vaccine makers. They threatened to stop making vaccines if congress did not oblige. Using the excuse that if there were a sudden break out of something and they had to make a vaccine on the fly, they wouldn’t be able to do the proper testing before getting it out to the public. So vaccines are completely exempt from medical malpractice and product liability suits. That bill passed in 1986.

Now compare rates of disease pre-1986 until now. Now some will say the rise in autism is because they just detect it better now and since no one knew what it was back then that’s why the #’s are so low. That is a big ol pile of horse shit. It’s not only about autism. We have the sickest generation of children in ALL of the industrialized nations in the world. We have the largest # of babies who die on their first day of life (after vaccinations usually) than ALL of the industrialized nations in the world COMBINED. A lot of kids can’t take anything with peanuts to school in their lunch because too many kids are allergic to peanuts nowadays and peanut oil has been found in vaccines. So has ROUND UP CHEMICALS. Good ol’ Monsanto.

One thing that rarely gets brought up about vaccines is the fact that they never tell you that the so called “dormant viruses” they put in vaccines do not leave your body. There is a very good chance that at some point in your life that dormant virus will go LIVE. Even if your last vaccine was 30 years ago this can happen to you. They do NO Long term studies on these things. The CDC has admitted that the polio vaccine the baby boomer generation received as children contained SV40 which is cancer basically and that generation is dropping like flies of cancer. Right around or before the age they can collect social security too (timing a coincidence?) They admitted they do no long term research. They have been busted covering up blatant evidence. Since they kill, buy off or slander evidence/source they can tell the public, “We have no evidence of vaccines being harmful or causing autism.” Since they don’t have “evidence” of vaccines being harmful if someone dies after getting one, if they were not sick with any disease before, the cause of death will almost never list vaccines. So the #’s the CDC gives you are 10,000 times under reported. SIDS is basically vaccine damage.

There is this little secret vaccine court. Not really a court more like an administration hearing with no public record. If you complain enough about being vaccine damaged you can get compensated. HOWEVER…the money they use to compensate victims is TAXPAYER DOLLARS. Vaccine makers PAY NOTHING. They have a free pass to poison the hell out of people and get away with it. They are screwing Americans every which way possible I tell ya. The #’s in just the last couple years is in the billions. Our tax dollars hard at work.

There is NO difference between the CDC, FDA, USDA, Monsanto, Merck, Pfizer etc. THEY ALL WORK TOGETHER.

Vaccines have been a depopulation agenda from day one. I could give a shit if someone calls me a conspiracy theorist or delusional mental patient. At some point the evidence trumps the troll bullshit. I have spent thousands of hours researching things like these. Also when you network with people around the world and read everything you can about other countries and their statistic of disease of vax vs non vax it becomes very blatant America has been targeted the worst.

Due to good ol media propaganda and social engineering the safety of vaccines has become a topic of political correctness. Basically saying respect your friend’s views on vaccines no matter how wrong they are. The fact that vaccines have been lumped into this political correctness arena with other topics like religion and social/political views is very scary. So we are just supposed to shut the hell up and let our friends and family get poison injected into them that is going to forever alter their DNA and probably kill most of them? If your family was standing on a train track and you saw a train coming at them are you going to keep your mouth shut and let them die? That’s what’s going on here. IT IS INSANE. When you can no longer have an intelligent mature adult conversation without someone getting their feelings hurt or offended you brought up such a touchy issue, you know society is in the pooper. Political correctness and cognitive dissonance. Very bad combo!

I’ve pissed off numerous people discussing this including some friends and family. I do not care how angry they get at me. I know they will thank me later when the masses get enough blatant evidence put in their faces and there is no more doubt about what’s going on.


SOURCE with thanks http://www.earth-heal.com/news/news/29-depopulation/2990-no-more-vaccines.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+EarthHeal-NewsForAnEarthInTransition+%28Earth+Heal+-+News+for+an+Earth+in+Transition%29

From Doreen
Vaccines are one of many ‘silent weapons’ being used in population control, along with GMO food, aspartame, fluorotoxicity, contamination from Fukushima, toxic chemicals discharged by aircraft on crops, water, humans, and non human food providers, wireless killing fields, etc.

Allow me to suggest that you contact a highly recommended naturopath/homeopath, and test to determine if the signaling function of specific genes in your body has been turned off, as they were in mine.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Non-negotiable autograph,
all rights reserved


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Author, Radio Host, Researcher, Editor, Projector of Natural Law, Doreen Agostino synthesizes facts to purify the past, remedy present limitations, and co-create a fair, care, share future.
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