Rethinking Healthcare 2017

Below is a comment I posted at Vidrebel’s Blog that is not visible.

Thank you Vidrebel, for caring and sharing.

Our escape route is narrowing. To end great fraud, great crime, and great harm requires compassion, caring, greater awareness, and wise action together.

Zero birth defects:
“Wi-Fi in schools puts female youth at risk of birthing genetically deformed children, followed by a lifetime of worry, guilt, and absolute hell.” Barrie Trower.

Well Being Kevin Mugur Galalae

We need hundreds of thousands + people to cooperate and pull together as never before to right the wrongs. Ponder if you will …

Little effort is required to break 1 arrow however many arrows bundled together are not so easy to break. It is the same with humans. We need people to cooperate, speak the truth publicly in great numbers, and safeguard one another from the beast!

Inform people about silent weapons [harmful gmo food, fluorotoxicity, wireless electromagnetic radiation, vaccines, geoengineering the weather, toxic chemicals discharged from aircraft, involuntary sterilization, bio hazard smart meters, Fukushima cover-up] b/c our health, well being, and survival depend on it.

The truth in plain view?

Why is the Eagle on the U.S. Seal holding a ‘bundle’ of arrows instead of one?

Thomson's sketch (detail)

Because a bundle of arrows symbolizes ‘strength in unity’ found in the traditional cultures everywhere, from the Romans to the Iroquois.

Humans allow themselves to be ruled and remain fragmented, while those who rule this planet willingly put their differences aside to defeat humanity.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Non-negotiable autograph,
all rights reserved

Video Rebel's Blog

“America’s health care system is neither healthy, caring, nor a system.”  Walter Cronkite

Americans are not only choosing a new President but they are also in the process of creating a new healthcare system. What was here at the beginning of 2016 might not even be around by the end of 2017. We are in that radical a period.

I would like to offer a few suggestions that I think will benefit any system we choose.

Guarantee the patient that what the doctor recommends actually has scientific proof that it works. What! Doctors have no proof that those pills and procedures work!!

Require that all prescription pills covered by insurance be proven by someone other than a drug company that they work better than a home remedy. Easily done. Let all testing be done by hospitals and doctors instead of by Big Pharma. Let’s test statin drugs against a popular…

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Author, Radio Host, Researcher, Editor, Projector of Natural Law, Doreen Agostino synthesizes facts to purify the past, remedy present limitations, and co-create a fair, care, share future.
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