Accessing Your Soul by Pete A. Sanders Jr.

The Power which animates our physical body is called Soul, Higher Self, Omnipresent Multi-dimensional Self, Consciousness, God, Fundamental Electromagnetic Quantum Energy, and Other Names.

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During these end times as systems that serve few at the expense of many dissolve, the more often we align with, integrate, and embody our Soul, the more our Soul is grounded in physicality to empower SOULutions and greater well being. In other words, we allow for the internal presence of Consciousness to expand Itself.

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To fully and uninhibitedly reflect the infinity and perfection of our Creator on Earth allow living humans to transcend the physical and finitude.

Pete A. Sanders is a psychic researcher who studied brain science and biomedical chemistry at MIT, to understand the complex relationship between the brain, the mind and the nervous system.

First, you may wish to learn a rapid stress reduction technique to easily lower blood pressure, and transform stress into enhanced mental potential and greater happiness.

Rapid Stress Reduction by Pete A. Sanders, Jr. & Free Soul

I changed the word tapping to accessing our Soul to minimize confusion with [EFT] Emotional Freedom Technique that teaches tapping on the body’s meridian points.

Accessing our Soul is also an incredibly powerful stress reduction technique.

Tapping the Soul by Pete A. Sanders Jr. & Free Soul

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Author, Radio Host, Researcher, Editor, Projector of Natural Law, Doreen Agostino synthesizes facts to purify the past, remedy present limitations, and co-create a fair, care, share future.
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