Ancient Breathing Technique | 15 x More Nitric Oxide Benefits

Bhramari Pranayama Humming Bee Breathing

From Doreen

I found variations of an ancient breathing technique that claims to offer many beneficial health benefits, some of which are listed below.

When you consider the assault we are under it is wise to seek natural ways to try and help our body cope.

Removing the Brain Burden of Aluminum

Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia affect 47 million people worldwide and the situation can only get worse…if we fail to act to ‘prevent’ the disease first rather than to cure it.

Microwaving through the use of HAARP and wi-fi technology increase the leakiness of the blood brain barrier… allowing more of the aluminum, barium and other toxic ingredients of the chemtrail cocktail into the brain.

Former premiere of British Columbia Bill Vander Zalm is putting politicians on notice. He sent a letter across Canada to multiple politicians voicing his concerns over the chemtrail phenomenon. Instead of dissipating quickly, they spread across the sky, expand and remain in the atmosphere for a very long period of time. Chemtrails are said to consist of tiny particles of harmful toxins like Aluminum and Barium, Vander Zalm claims there is a potential link to increased rates of Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and more as a result of the spraying.  Read more at

Alzheimer’s is on the rise throughout the world

Alzheimer’s Disease: Facts and Figures

A recent study found the Alzheimer’s mortality rate to be five to six times higher than official estimates, suggesting that AD may be responsible for more than 500,000 annual deaths in the United States.19 If applied to the general population, these findings would make Alzheimer’s the third leading (rather than sixth) cause of death in the United States, behind heart disease and cancer. Read more at

Bhramari Pranayama – Humming Bee Breathing


Calms and quiets the mind
Best technique to improve memory
Balances both left and right brain hemispheres
Releases cerebral tension
Balances the whole body
Stimulates the pineal and pituitary glands, supporting their proper functioning
Soothes the nerves
Relieves stress and anxiety
Dissipates anger
Lowers blood pressure
Bolsters health of the throat
Strengthens and improves the voice
Supports the healing of bodily tissues
Induces sound sleep

Bhramari should be practiced in a straight sitting position. It should not be practiced by pregnant or menstruating women. It is also contraindicated for individuals with extremely high blood pressure, epilepsy, chest pain, or an active ear infection.

15 x More Nitric Oxide Benefits with Humming | Brahmari Pranayama



Nitric oxide completely restored the health, integrity, elasticity and function of arterial skin, the endothelium lining of arteries where we get problems, and plaque can build up, so it was really important for the repair and healing of that.

It boosts mitochondrial energy which means your energy. Increases the blood flow and viscosity of the blood.

It increases insulin sensitivity, makes your cells more sensitive to insulin so you don’t have to amp up insulin levels and therefore supports healthy blood Pressure. It lowers your blood pressure.

It increases better intestinal Paracelsus, and contraction of your stomach, and your intestinal tract for better digestion and better elimination, which is really also important.

It increases the production of antioxidants like superoxide dismutase, and glutathione in your liver, which does the cleansing and scrubbing and the repair of all the damaging kind of chemicals that our liver has to contend with every single day.

Bhramari pranayama breathing technique derives its name from the black Indian bee called Bhramari

Precautions for doing Bhramari pranayama

  • Ensure that you are not putting your finger inside the ear but on the cartilage
  • Don’t press the cartilage too hard. Gently press and release with the finger
  • While making the humming sound, keep your mouth closed
  • You can also do Bhramari pranayama with your fingers in the Shanmukhi Mudra
  • Do not put pressure on your face
  • Do not exceed the recommended repetitions of 3-4 times

None. Once this pranayama is learnt correctly from a yoga teacher, anyone from a child to an elderly person can practice this pranayama. The only prerequisite is that this pranayama should be done on empty stomach. Read more at

When to Practice

Bhramari (as with most pranayamas) is best practiced on an empty stomach. While it can be practiced at any time of day, bhramari is particularly potent in the early morning and late at night—when there are fewer distracting noises and our inner perception is most acute. Read more at

BEE well.

This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here are for educational purposes only.

Doreen A Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse

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Guide To Organic Certifiers: Information Consumers Ought To Know

Cornucopia Institute Issued A Guide To Organic Certifiers: Information Consumers Ought To Know

By Catherine J. Frompovich

In 2005, without public notice or opportunity for comment, the USDA unilaterally began allowing the certification of hydroponic (soil-less) operations, bypassing the National Organic Standards Board’s (NOSB) input. In-stead the USDA stated that they are leaving the decision up to the ACAs. Many organic industry stakeholders and longtime observers have questioned the legality of this decision.

In March 2019, The Cornucopia Institute produced a 22-page online report “The Gatekeepers of Organic Integrity.”

On page 5, they discuss “hydroponics” as being incompatible with organic principles. Then, on page 7 “Container Hydroponics” is discussed along with the certifiers allowing them. Livestock management projects are covered starting at page 9 through 15. Certifiers and imported goods are covered on page 16. Personally, I find the report’s Conclusion somewhat inconclusive, pardon my saying.

Here is where consumers will find a “Guide to Domestic USDA Accredited Certifiers.”

The graphic below is taken from Cornucopia’s online report.


Doreen A Agostino
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Root Canals: PROTOCOL for removal of a root filled tooth

If you have a root canal tooth, infected or not, please read

March 2019, after a root canal tooth was diagnosed as abscessed, I was referred to an endodontist for surgery to clean the tooth cavity. It was made clear to me that surgery did not guarantee the infection would not return, thus began my research into root canals, and awareness of their debilitating impact on organs, glands, and joints in the human body.

Interview between Joseph Mercola and George E. Meinig. The following excerpt led me to a PROTOCOL for removal of a root filled tooth in Dr. Meinig’s book

J Mercola: If extraction proves necessary for anyone reading this, do you want to summarize what’s special about the extraction technique?

G Meinig: Just pulling the tooth is not enough when removal proves necessary. Dr. Price found bacteria in the tissues and bone just adjacent to the tooth’s root. So, we now recommend slow-speed drilling with a burr, to remove one millimeter of the entire bony socket. The purpose is to remove the periodontal ligament (which is always infected with toxins produced by Streptococcus bacteria living in the dentin tubules) and the first millimeter of bone that lines the socket (which is usually infected).

There’s a whole protocol involved, including irrigating with sterile saline to assure removal of contaminated bone chips, and treating the socket to stimulate and encourage infection-free healing. I describe the procedure in detail, step by step in my book [link below].


Just so you know. Digital ‘watchers’ are quick to censor facts by disabling videos. They disable spell check, skew text size, text placement and spacing, etc. to discredit authors attempting to publish the truth.

KEY ELEMENTS from the book and their page numbers at

  1. Test former extraction sites for possible cavitations [185]
  2. The only known successful treatment of cavitations is surgical removal [185]
  3. Good bone must be removed to eliminate all that is infected [186]
  4. To avoid nerve injury requires great skill [186]
  5. Remove periodontal ligament and one millimeter of bony socket to prevent cavitation areas from forming [186]
  6. Cavitations a.k.a. holes in the bone, alveolar cavitation pathosis, alveolar osteo pathosis, neuralgia inducing cavitational osteo necrosis or NICO [186]
  7. To avoid cavitation formation requires a simple procedure immediately after a tooth is removed. In as much as evidence points to accumulation of bacteria and their toxins in the periodontal membrane, and the first millimeter of bony socket, it is advocated that these tissues be removed to prevent formation of cavitations and their neuralgic complications [187]
  8. The following PROTOCOL is not only preventative of future trouble, it also promotes better possibility of recovery from any degenerative process due to root canal infection [187]
  9. Proper surgical elimination of chronically infected teeth i.e. root canal and jaw osteomyelytic lesions do eradicate chronic diseases [187]
  10. Infections in teeth are often accompanied by bacterial infection in the periodontal ligament and first millimeter of the tooth’s boney socket, which can lead to cavitation infections [188]
  11. A high percentage of people suffer pain and illness due to the presence of cavitations in jaw bones [188]
  12. Clinical and histopathologic features of NICO more closely resemble ischemic/avascular/aseptic osteonecrosis of the femoral head, corticosteroid induced osteonecrosis or osteonecrosis in caisson’s [tunnel digger’s or deep-sea diver’s] disease than a true osteomyelitis, although secondary odontogenic infection often adds an osteomyelitis overtone to the presentation. This similarity to ischemic osteonecrosis is so strong as to lend considerable credence to the theory that NICO results from poor vascular circulation of the jaws, but the etiology is as yet unproven and the relationship of NICO to etiology is facial neuralgias remains controversial [189]
  13. Any alveolar site may be affected but the third molar areas are most frequently involved. One third of patients have more than a single quadrant involved, and 10% have lesion in all four quadrants, not necessarily at the same time [189]
  14. The typical case of NICO is not visible on panographic radiographs, magnetic resonance imaging, computed axial tomography, and all forms of radioisotope bone scans, except technetium-99 scans [190]
  15. Simple periapical radiographs appear to be the most sensitive imaging technique, and considerable diagnostic experience is required because changes are quite subtle and may mimic a number of other entities. This disease has been called the ‘invisible osteomyelitis’. When visible NICO usually presents as a poorly demarcated, non-expansible radiolucency, often with irregular vertical remnants of lamia dura associated with old extraction sites in the region [190]
  16. Nerves are infrequently found, but typically demonstrate a loss of myelin without a subsequent loss of the nerve fiber itself therefore leaving an ‘uninsulated’ nerve in the area [190]
  17. Antibodies to peripheral myelin, usually not present in humans, have been found in NICO patients [190]
  18. The abnormal intra bony tissues usually must be surgically removed via decortication and curettage [191]
  19. Because many of these infections are traceable to root filled teeth, finding one third cavitations effect more than one quadrant of the jaws, and 10% occur in all four quadrants is also important [191]

    PROTOCOL excerpts for removal of a root filled tooth pages 193 and 194

  20. After the tooth has been removed, slow speed drilling with a number 8 round burr is used to remove one millimeter of the entire bony socket, including the apex area. The purpose of this procedure is to remove the periodontal ligament and the first millimeter of bone, as they are usually infected with bacteria and the toxins that live in the dentin tubules. The periodontal ligament is always infected, and most of the time so is the adjacent bone likewise diseased
  21. While this procedure is being done, irrigate the socket with sterile saline via a Monojet 412, 12 cc syringe with a curved plastic tip. 2 to 3 syringes may be required. The purpose of this flushing action is to remover contaminated bone that is cut. In cutting the bone not only are toxins removed, but the bone is perturbated. This perturbation of the bone stimulates a change from osteocytes to osteoblasts cells. The blast cells are the ones that generate new bone formation
  22. After the socket has been cut, it should be filled with a non-vasoconstrictor local anesthetic. Allow the liquid local anesthetic to set for about 30 seconds
  23. Suction should be applied gently to the socket area so that the majority of the anesthetic is removed, but there is still substantial coating of the anesthetic over the bony interior. This further perturbs bone cells to encourage osteoblastic action and bone healing
  24. When this protocol is followed the tooth socket usually heals much more rapidly with less bleeding and pain.

    SUMMARY pages 194 to 196CONCLUSION excerpts pages 198 and 198

  25. It is essential to effectively sterilize the bacteria which invade dentin tubules
  26. Tooth infections concern the nature of dentin tubules and how harmless bacteria, which reside in our moths, can become so virulent as to cause serious and eve fatal degenerative diseases
  27. Bacteria trapped in tiny dentin tubules have polymorphic characteristics. They have the ability to change, adapt, mutate, become smaller and more virulent, and their toxins to become more toxic

    SUMMARY excerpts pages 198 to 200

  28. Ill health conditions usually progressively disappeared after a dental infection was removed
  29. Dental infections reduced the body’s normal alkaline reserve in the blood of both patients and animals i.e. they produced acidosis
  30. The presence of dental infections increases the uric acid of the blood
  31. Low ionic calcium individuals tend to heal slowly and have a marked tendency to develop secondary infections of sockets following extractions whereas individuals with high ionic calcium almost invariably experience rapid repair and seldom develop secondary infections
  32. Those who experience so called ‘dry socket’ and suffer its painful course are almost always those who, at the time, have a low ionic calcium level of the blood
  33. Dentists can learn to save teeth by taking them out.

Read Dr. George E. Meinig’s entire book at

Meridian Chart for Teeth

Each tooth relates to an acupuncture meridian that relates to various organs, glands, tissues and joints in the body on a particular meridian or ‘energy highway.’ This connection can often indicate overall health and wellness by reviewing your dental condition. If a person has a weak internal organ, the condition of the associated meridian tooth could make it considerably more problematic.

If you know people with root canals please share the information for them to educate themselves, and so they can copy and paste the PROTOCOL to discuss with their dentist, if they so choose. Thank you.

Doreen A Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse

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Italian Court Orders Govn’t to Launch Cell Phone Radiation Awareness Campaign

It will only get worse with 5G

An Italian court has ordered the government to launch a campaign to advise the public of the health risks from mobile and cordless phones to begin by July 16. A citizens group called APPLE (Association for the Prevention of and Fight Against Electrosmog)  sued to force the government to act. A joint press release between the Ministry of the Environment, Education and Health on the decision states the three ministries “welcome the judicial decision, convinced of the need to raise awareness on the issue and to promote prevention measures.”

In a breaking news report from Microwave News on the decision,  Stefano Bertone who is helping represent APPLE, stated, “This case has important implications not only in Italy, but worldwide. At the moment, health and safety information is contained —or, I should say, buried— in cell phone manuals. This is not good enough. If it was, the court would have agreed with the government that sufficient information is already available.”

The New York Times AP reported the story in “Court orders Italian govt to publicize cellphone risks” and also cited a 2017 Italian court of Ivrea ruling that long-term use of a company-issued cell phone caused Telecom employee, Roberto Romeo’s non-cancerous brain tumor. In 2012 the Italian Supreme Court ruled that the National Institute for Workmen’s Compensation  must compensate Innocente Marcolini, a 60-year-old retired businessman for his  tumor due to long term cell phone use.

Over twenty countries have explicit health advice to the public to lower cell phone radiation exposure. France has issued several campaigns over the years educating their public on safer ways to use technology.


WiFi Report: Humanity At The Brink by Barrie Trower

British physicist, Dr. Barrie Trower is a former Microwave Weapons Expert for the Royal Navy, and former cold-war captured spy de-briefer for UK Intelligence Services. Dr. Trower is a whistle-blower who lectures globally on the hidden dangers from microwave weapons and every-day microwave technologies such as mobile-phones and Wi-Fi.

EMA Review Of Zinbryta: Risks Outweigh Benefits

The following is required reading since everyone is exposed to harmful wireless technology, one of many silent weapons that must be exposed and the root cause remedied with lawful action.

Doreen A Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse

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Tooth Implants: Serious Reasons Not To Have Them

Systemic health crisis

By TheHealthCoach1
Published May 2012

Tooth implants have become all the rage over the past few years, especially as the baby boomers begin to age and lose their teeth. Dentistry has always been extremely adept at capitalizing on our desire to have a nice smile and perfect looking teeth. This is where the true problem lies.

Our inordinate and overriding desire to have a mouth full of white shiny teeth has produced the greatest health calamity in the history of Western civilization. That’s a very serious statement, and yet entirely true. The tooth implant is just another highly dubious dental procedure which has contributed to this ongoing systemic health crisis. How so?

First of all, more and more people, like the aging baby boomers, are opting for this thoroughly cosmetic approach when they start losing their teeth. When you are older, the body does not heal as quickly, nor as completely as it ought to for a tooth implant to really set well in the mouth. This is why various physical issues start to emerge.

The surgery required to excavate the tooth socket is quite invasive, like all oral surgery. If oral health is in any way compromised, as it often is, post surgical complications will arise, as they often do. The primary complication is known as a tooth implant infection, which will always impede the process of proper seating of the implant. The original infection can also migrate over to the two contiguous teeth sockets and cause those teeth to have problems, especially when they’ve already been undermined by previous dental procedures and/or dental materials, which is very common.

In many cases these tooth implant infections are low-grade infections and therefore frequently sub-clinical in nature. Consequently, they often go undiagnosed by the dentist and sit in the jawbone for the entire life of the implant, just like the focal infections which ALWAYS occur with root canals.

Root Canals: Why would anyone want a dead tooth in their mouth … for life?

So, the big question for the Boomers and Beatniks among us is do we want to risk these infections in our retirement years for the sake of having a pretty smile. A smile which is only going do be more difficult to maintain as we lose teeth for a number of reasons associated with aging.

Do we really want this metal screw in our mouth for life?!

Hyper-reactivity to the 21st Century
Problem # 2 with teeth implants is that they come in an age of pervasive pollution, degraded food supply, chemical overload and environmental deterioration. This predicament has given rise to an exponential increase in myriad allergies, chemical sensitivities and substance intolerances. Many do not even know they have these issues going on in their bodies 24/7. When a tooth implant is introduced into the mouth of one who has multiple allergies, MCS (Multiple chemical sensitivity) or EI Syndrome Environmental Illness Syndrome, guess what happens? They now have another foreign material in their mouth for their entire lifetime, which their body may very likely struggle to deal with.

Many of these low-grade rejections go undetected for decades often causing even healthy individuals to suffer all types of nagging symptoms ranging from CFS (Chronic fatigue syndrome) to brain fog.  Don’t think this is where the Boomers and Beatniks among us want to be. Nor the Generation X, Y or Z folks, so you might pay attention to the experience of your parents and grandparents.

There are two sources of reactivity with implant materials: (i) the titanium post that is sunk into your jawbone (ii) the white synthetic tooth that sits on top of the post. The metal post can be accepted or rejected by anyone. And an accepted post today may be rejected tomorrow as often occurs. With the total toxic body burden increasing as we age, allergies can literally appear overnight after we have exceeded a specific threshold of exposure to an offending substance.

The synthetic tooth on top of the post can be made with a vast number of dental materials which include metal, petroleum derived substances, and various newfangled chemicals. Unless your dentist has performed a fastidious bio-compatibility test, and they rarely do, what may sit in your mouth for a lifetime may be profoundly incompatible with your body. For the hyper-sensitive among us, this can prove to be a very challenging health predicament because dental materials in general are usually and conveniently overlooked by everyone.

Titanium Post Turns Your Head Into An Antenna

The human body has a very sophisticated and finely tuned bio-electrical grid underlying the entire physical organism. When the normal patterns of this subtle circuitry are short-circuited, it causes imperceptible dysfunctions and subtle energy impedance which will show up in a variety of ways. Each tooth sits on a different meridian pathway and functions in ways that are way beyond the scope of this session. Suffice to say, when you drop a metal implant into a space previously occupied by a living, natural tooth, everything changes and not in a good way. Your local acupuncturist can surely test your mouth before and after the surgeries to demonstrate this critical point.

Tooth Meridian Chart

With the extraordinary proliferation of electro-pollution and the infinite number of vectors of EMR dissemination throughout modern society, teeth implants pose another very serious problem. Whether it’s stray voltage from a power transmission line or your laptop, whether it’s a cell phone tower or the microwave oven you forgot to remove from your kitchen, once you have a titanium post in your mouth you turn yourself into a veritable antenna. Not a good place to be in 2012, especially with all the chemtrails being laid down in the skies which are super-charged by HAARP.

The more implants one has, the more one’s health can be adversely affected.

Hopefully, you need no long dissertation as to why you don’t want to be a walking antenna for the rest of your life. The many proven physical ailments and newly emerging diseases from EMR exposure are growing by the day. And much of what occurs in the body of a deleterious nature is almost always below the radar. The Health Coach has even switched back to a plastic computer screen because of how much the metal one was acting as a conductor for unwanted EMR coming into the home both upline and downline from the local neighborhood electrical grid.

Obvious Reason Why Dental Implants Make No Sense

The mouth, being the gateway of the body, receives all that we put into. Therefore, the mouth is essentially a test tube with a never-ending experiment going on. Everything from carbonated beverages to acidic vinegars, from spicy Thai food to citrusy lemons and oranges, from alcoholic drinks to caffeinated beverages, you name it we ingest it. Therefore, you can imagine how difficult it is to keep the mouth clean and free from bacteria which can cause problems … especially when they migrate into dental implant areas which have been profoundly undermined and now have metal against tissue.

Herein lies the real vulnerability of the entire tooth implant procedure. If the implant is not seated extremely well, and if the gum tissue does not seal up well around the implant, the tooth socket will become a repository of bacteria. Once the same socket area has become sufficiently degraded in this way over time, it will then become a target for other types of pathogenic micro-organisms which will be extremely difficult to effectively address. Just like root canaled teeth, focal infections will eventually emerge and infect other parts of the body.

This scenario can be further complicated by an individual’s eating habits. If they are prone to eating hard foods or chew with much impact, they can slowly create small spaces between the implant and the tooth socket. The older one gets the more difficult this situation is to repair in any meaningful way. A second or third implant in the same tooth socket only increases the likelihood of this predicament and similar problems, as many have experienced.

We appeal to your common sense here. Isn’t such a predicament just waiting for any one of a number of circumstances to conspire to create a hospitable environment for a full-blown infection to manifest? And when it does due to foreign material working its way down an improperly set implant, how on earth do you clean it out? How can you effectively address many of these infections which regularly occur in these vulnerable tooth sockets?

The answer is: YOU CAN’T!

The latest and greatest to be touted in this field is the Zirconium tooth implant. Be aware that zirconium is still a metal – a transition metal – but nevertheless a metal. Transition metals are known to have high conductivity as seen in the following excerpt from.

“Transition metals have giant metallic structure (with a ‘sea of delocalised electrons’ and metal cations). These delocalised electrons are not bound to a specific metal atom and are free to move around within the lattice structure, hence are able to act as electrical carriers which helps to explain transition metals’ high electrical conductivity.

On a side note, transition metals have even higher electrical conductivity than their counterparts in group 1 and 2, because they have even more valance electrons (Additional electrons in d subshell but that’s considered extra so you don’t really need to worry about it) in their lattice structures to act as free electrical carriers.”

(Answer to: “Why transition metals are good conductor of electricity?” @

READ more at and note: Permission is granted to post this health blog as long as it is linked back to the following url:

Health Disclaimer:
All content found at The Health Coach is for information purposes only. Therefore, the information on this website is not a substitute for professional medical care and should not be construed as either medical diagnosis or treatment. All information contained herein ought to be considered within the context of an individual’s overall health status and prescribed treatment plan.

Since The Health Coach does not diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure, or heal any type of disease or medical condition, the information contained at this website is not intended to provide specific physical, mental, emotional or psychological health advice.
It is entirely the reader’s decision to act or not act on any information at The Health Coach. Therefore, we fully invoke the HOLD HARMLESS clause for those who are responsible for putting any of this information into practical use and application.

© 2012 The Health Coach

Permission is granted to post this health blog as long as it is linked back to the following url:

Update 2019 from Doreen

Decades of living with synthetic materials in my mouth and repeated restorative work [root canals, caps] due to a car accident, led me to research implants. Here’s what I found.

Metal-free Zirconia Dental Implants

1.- Biocompatibility & optimal Osseointegration
CeraRoot implants are made from zirconia—a biocompatible, ceramic material that fosters complete assimilation into jaw bone. A recent microscopic study performed at the University of Minnesota confirmed optimal osseointegration of CeraRoot implants without any signs of inflammation or foreign body rejection.

4.- Corrosion resistant
Zirconia is biocompatible material that is resistant to chemical corrosion, nor will it conduct electricity or heat. As a bioinert material, it will never trigger chemical reactions, migrate to other sites in the body or interfere with the maintenance of optimal oral health.

5.- Non-conductivity of zirconia
The fact that zirconia does not conduct an electrical charge is a big benefit. Bacterial growth on the surface of a zirconia implant is far less likely to adhere due to its non-conductivity, thus creating an oral environment that promotes much healthier gums. .

Zirconium: Metal or Ceramic?

Production of zirconium oxide ceramic = Zirconia = ZrO2

Zirconium ceramic is obtained through a reductive clorination (Kroll process). At the end of this process, one can obtain zirconium oxide powder (which is a ceramic and no longer a metal).

Zirconia Dental Implants: A Literature Review

Apical bone loss and gingival recession associated with implants often uncover portions of the metal implant, revealing a bluish discoloration of the overlying gingiva. The use of zirconia implants avoids this complication and accedes to the request of many patients for metal-free implants. The material also provides high strength, fracture toughness, and biocompatibility. 14The inflammatory response and bone resorption induced by ceramic particles are less than those induced by titanium particles, suggesting the bio-compatibility of ceramics.15,1.

Doreen A Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse

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All wireless turned off to safeguard life.

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Root Canal Awareness Can Save Lives

Root canal disclosure

I was recently referred to an endodontist for surgery after x-rays showed infection at the site of a root canal tooth. No guarantee the infection would not return after surgically cleaning the root canal site prompted me to do my own research as follows.

Discussions I had Mar 09.19

A close friend had osteonecrosis of the jaw bone, discovered only during excavation of a root canal site. The dental surgeon, using the specific protocol for root canal excavation, showed my friend black necrotic bone he had chipped away at the cavitation site.

A relative just finished round 2 of antibiotics for an infected root canal tooth.

Another friend has 2 abscessed root canal teeth unresponsive to natural healing for years.


The most significant problem associated with cavitations is that they become a focal point for toxins such as bacteria, which are then circulated throughout the body causing various medical conditions. They travel via blood and lymph channels and through nerve pathways to other areas of the body. In a way, it is like have a gangrene of the jaw where the symptoms do not appear locally, but metastasize to other areas.

Scientists warned about the dangers of root canals over 100 years ago [Excerpts] 

Root-canal and filled teeth harbor bacteria that morph into very toxic forms, which then can migrate to other tissues in your body and cause serious medical conditions, including diseases listed below. No other medical practice permits leaving a dead body part inside your body, because it triggers your immune system to attack.

Nearly every chronic degenerative disease has been linked with root canals, including:

  • Heart disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Arthritis, joint, and rheumatic diseases
  • Neurological diseases (including ALS and MS)
  • Autoimmune diseases (Lupus and more)

Approximately 400 % more bacteria were found in the blood surrounding the root canal tooth than were found in the tooth itself, suggesting the tooth is the incubator and the periodontal ligament is the food supply. The bone surrounding root-canaled teeth was found even HIGHER in bacterial count… not surprising, since bone is virtual buffet of bacterial nutrients.

Five major bacteria of the fifty-three commonly found in root canal teeth are listed here

Harmful root canal bacteria and chronic disease

There is a symbiotic relationship between harmful bacteria at the site of a root canal, and chronic, degenerative disease in the body, including cancer. Every tooth is connected to a meridian in the body, and meridians connect to organs, glands, and joints. Harmful bacteria at the root canal site travel through a massive network of tiny tubules, and if the immune system is weak, the body can become diseased.

Meridian Chart for Teeth

Each tooth is related to an acupuncture meridian which is related to various organs, tissues and glands in the body on this particular meridian or “energy highway.” This connection can often indicate your overall health and wellness by reviewing your dental condition. If a person has a weak internal organ, the condition of the associated meridian tooth could make it considerably more problematic.

Are Root Canals Really a Cause of Cancer?

Harmful anaerobic bacteria thrive in an oxygen-free environment when a dentist seals off a treated tooth. Toxins are released from the bacteria which leach into both neighboring and distant areas of the body. In one study, Dr. Stuart Nunnally, DDS, MS, reported that over the course of three years, all 87 patients who had undergone a root canal procedure reported a decline in health.

Dr. Josef Issels, MD, a world-famous cancer specialist, was probably one of the first physicians to require all of his cancer patients to have their dead teeth extracted as part of his healing protocol. In his book, Cancer: A Second Opinion, he discusses how over a period of 40 years working with 16,000 thousand cancer patients, over 90 percent of his patients had between two and ten dead teeth in their mouths when they first arrived at his clinic. He asserts (with convincing evidence) that dead teeth left in the mouth generate copious amounts of toxins capable of causing cancer in humans.

Dr. George E. Meinig’s book ‘Root Canal Cover up’

Root Cause – FULL root canal documentary

Banned documentary on Netflix regarding the dangers of Root Canals. Watch while you can because censorship is rampant.

From Doreen

As I watched the ‘Root Cause’ video about a young man’s long, desperate attempt to regain his health before the root cause was diagnosed as an infected root canal tooth, the video was disabled.

Root Canals: Haven for bacteria, toxic microorganisms

There is no way a dental procedure can reach into these accessory canals and clean out the dead tissue. This necrotic tissue creates a home for multiple bacterial infections outside the tooth in the periodontal ligament. With added food supply from this area, the anaerobic bacteria can multiply and their toxins can contribute to the onset of disease. READ more at

Dental work can be very expensive, and people who invested heavily in their teeth may not like what they read about the root canal cover up. At least be aware of the facts if you have root canal teeth, and cross reference the interactive meridian tooth chart above if you don’t feel well or if you are diagnosed with disease.

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The Health Coach provides general health coaching and wellness counseling on a donation basis for all of the chronic autoimmune diseases, multi-infection syndromes and chronic degenerative diseases.

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The Dark Side of Prenatal Ultrasound and Dangers of Non-Ionizing Radiation

We and our children are in great danger at this time

By Janice Barcelo
Creator of

The medical establishment is literally cooking our children with ultrasound, boiling the blood, lymph, amniotic fluid, cerebrospinal fluid (that totally surrounds the brain), and more.  Sadly, technologies we use in our daily lives like cell phones, cordless phones, wifi routers, baby monitors, microwave ovens, etc., are also cooking us from the inside out.

Most of these technologies use 2.4 GHz frequency known to cause infertility, brain damage and that is used in microwave ovens because it maximizes the absorption of radiation in mammalian bodies.  Hence, most of us are literally living inside of microwave ovens when we are surrounded by these technologies.  It is imperative for people to learn the facts.

Published on Mar 2, 2019

Interview with Author Jeanice Barcelo on the release of her book (PDF) “THE DARK SIDE OF PRENATAL ULTRASOUND”, an expose’ on the harm and hazards of what we have all been led to believe was a harmless and beneficial technology … it is not.

People who physically feel the effects of wireless technologies can shut off their
wifi and their cell phones, but they can’t shut off their UTILITY METERS which are terrorizing society with RF radiation, fire hazard, dirty electricity, and surveillance.Since 2011 we have been helping people make themselves safe and secure from utility meter trespass and utility company misconduct.

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